Two 17-year-old boys hanging around behind Arturo’s Pizza in Montclair obviously weren’t undercover, but a detective responding to a complaint about suspected drug activity was. Here’s what was happening last night around 7pm, in the Bellevue/Lorraine parking lot according to the MPD:
An undercover detective who was sent to investigate juveniles loitering at the back of Arturo’s Pizza watched as a group of kids appeared to be exchanging money for small objects. Two of the individuals then left the group to enter their parked Red Hyundai.
Deputy Chief of Police Perry Mayers told us: The detective observed the passenger taking out a plastic bag and inhaling a white powdery substance. How could the detective see juveniles? He was sitting in his car, parked right next to them!”

The detective then had the passenger get out of the car and placed the suspect under arrest. The driver was searched and found in possession of seven antidepressants (Lexapro) 6 sedatives (Sonatas) and a bag of pot. Two boys were taken into custody, and soon after, a search of the car turned up a digital scale and cocaine powder in the glove compartment.
The youths were charged with possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute, possession with intent to distribute near a school, possession with intent to distribute near a public park, possession of drug paraphernalia, and one of the guys was charged with possession of marijuana. The Juvenile Detention Center in Newark took custody of the youths last night.

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  1. One assumes, since the juveniles weren’t described by their ethnicity, that they’re white. Therefore, we’ll have lots of comments about how it’s tough being a parent, and even good teenagers do stupid things. As opposed to the comments we’d get if they were black, which would be all about how gang activity is encroaching our town, and hip-hop culture is destroying the fabric of our society. OK, go.

  2. Oh my god, that’s two blocks from my house! To think I’ve been going all the way to Bloomfield to buy my cocaine. Now I can stop for blow after I shop at Angelbecks. (Good thing they busted the buyers and not the sellers.)

  3. clarity, your comment is unfounded and contributes to the divisiveness which peppers this entire board. i neither know, nor care, about the ethnicity of the teens, but your comment helps set yet another nasty tone for one of these threads.

  4. bippy,
    you are one in a million. clarity’s comment maybe divisive, but it is true. The way I see it, hip hop caused that U of Delaware lacrosse player to put a baseball bat upside that PA cop’s head. NOT!

  5. Oh, my apologies, bippy. Please feel free to re-set the tone for this thread. Come on, bring the harmony and understanding!

  6. The late August news doldrums…nothing interesting going on so you guys are reporting on fairly predictable teenage antics and giving all those self-righteous types out there a chance to tsk-tsk and to boast about how they’re raising little angels. Hopefully, things will pick up in the fall before this blog becomes nothing but a haven for gossip mongers….

  7. Maybe race has nothing to do with it? Ever think of that? And Yes, racism is certainly alive and well even in our fair* city, but in this case, because it does not state the race,any assumption is likely to be misguided. Perhaps they were each of a different race? *Please note that the use of the the word “fair” in this post was not intended to imply race. (you can’t be too careful…)

  8. Maybe race has nothing to do with it? Ever think of that? And Yes, racism is certainly alive and well even in our fair* city, but in this case, because it does not state the race,any assumption is likely to be misguided. Perhaps they were each of a different race? *Please note that the use of the the word “fair” in this post was not intended to imply race. (you can’t be too careful…)

  9. dude what were you thinking everyone knows how hot uptown is fuck just find somewhere better to sell your shit

  10. Cathar was guarding the front door. He used to keep the drug dealers away from Jim Morrison, you know.

  11. Diversity Uber Alles!!!!
    Clarity you are a racemongering jesse jerkson wannabe douchebag.
    “black, which would be all about how gang activity is encroaching our town, and hip-hop culture is destroying the fabric of our society. OK, go.”
    I think that this is true of all kids. The defining defiancy down is fully ‘integrated’ in popular youth culture by the media whores. Have you been in a junior high school lately? I have.

  12. Montclair Mom — what are you smoking? You describe the above as “fairly predictable teenage antics”
    Oh really? Since when was it “predictable” for 17-year-olds to be snorting coke?

  13. Generally newspaper policy is to state race where it’s relevant. Does it matter whether the perpetrators in this instance were black or white? (Excuse me, I meant African-American or European-American.)
    Either way, you can’t win with race. It’s impossible to talk about race honestly in this town (country) without being called a racist by somebody.

  14. ok but i know the people that just got busted…..there race had nothing to do with it…..they were just very dumb about it…

  15. Today it’s Cathar and Jim Morrison, yesterday he was saying how he had “edited’ many “well known” authors – he also knows Islam, knows the pub scene in Europe, gosh, this guy must really be special!
    Meanwhile, he goes on and on about “anonymous” names, yet is “Cathar” really his name? Of course not. Why doesn’t he just sign off as “Richard” and be real about the whole thing, since that’s his angle. It seems kind of stupid to single out anonymous people yet post with a fake name.

  16. Cathar is a lonely dude who lives in Clifton and wishes he lived even a quarter of the life he claims.
    He’s pathological.

  17. It’s hard, Prianna and same guy, to confront the reality that someone else might be more accomplished than you–smarter, more well-read, more experienced, etc. It doesn’t sit well with equality-minded Americans. But it would be better just to accept it gracefully.

  18. Yes, and that kind of person would certainly spend his entire day on a blog about Montclair. Sure.
    Walleroo, admit it. Your boy Cathar is about as honest as James Frey.
    It’s got to be hard to find out your man love is a fake.

  19. “Since when was it “predictable” for 17-year-olds to be snorting coke?”
    Actually, since about the mid-1970s. If you aren’t convinced, check out national stats on teen drug use. You’d probably be very surprised.

  20. I advise all parents out there to take teenage drug use and abuse very seriously. Any kid that is dealing is in pretty deep himself and there is nothing “normal” or “typical” about it. Hopefully, being arrested and spending a night in Juvey will knock some sense into them and their parents. Having a teenager who abuses and deals drugs is no picnic, but having an adult child struggling with sobriety and unable to function in the world is much worse.

  21. The post is about a simple drug bust. Most folks would agree that there is nothing simple about a drug bust in Montclair involving teenagers. Baristaville is simply staying on the pulse: many of the usual suspects have no standing in this area, and their usual assistance is not helping.
    Drugs are prevalent in our society, throughout every social strata. Cocaine is certainly an issue in wealthy neighborhoods. I’m sure our experts will weigh in on this fact of life. It is certainly within reason that the downtown area of Montclair would be an area where drug dealing would occur. Keeping race and ethnicity out of this, these are the salient facts of this post. So? Is this a special incident? No? then let’s move on!

  22. Montclair mom wants her children to be average. She doesn’t mind if they conform to the status quo as long as their clothes are washed every now and then and they don’t swear at grandma. Otherwise if the other kids are doing it, then fine it is

  23. I see some children have been out posting stupid, nasty things about me.
    Yet I always say, suffer the little anonymous lambs to come unto me. But they never do. I sense such cowardice among those in the flock here who bleat the loudest.

  24. Good thing they busted the buyers and not the sellers.
    Oh wait… not! Why didn’t they bust the sellers?!

  25. Wally and Cathy, “Sorry Dude” sums it up perfectly. We are not dealing with someone who is “more accomplished” here – it is someone endlessly typing in his dreamworld day after day who needs to be called out on his b.s. A simple Google search shows that this individual has been posting inane nonsense on similar sites for YEARS. How does posting your first comment of the day at 9:30 a.m. and wrapping up with your 30th comment at midnight day after day for at least a year make one “accomplished?” This loser needs to understand that HE is the one who “bleats the loudest” and we’re all tired of it.

  26. Aah, an excellent title for my next book: “Delusional Self-validation in the Blogosphere.” Subtitle: “I’ve tricked a few, Walleroo”

  27. Hey, why is this always a white/black thing? What about the latinos, asians, and native americans? And don’t forget the Inuit. Those damn eskimos love the fluffy white stuff.

  28. I have an idea: if you don’t like what Cathar seems to be about on this site, don’t talk to him. ignore his posts. Don’t give him grist for the mill.

  29. When I think of Clifton I think of the traffic circle by the Home Depot … an apt metaphor for a guy whose incessant self-promotion seems to go in circles.

  30. Did any of you ever hear of Woodstock? White kids have been doing drugs in Upper Montclair since the 1960s.

  31. That’s the problem: ignoring his posts doesn’t make him go away – he still manages to post every hour on the hour whether we read him nicely or call him on it.

  32. WOW- I am actually shocked that the cops caught on to this one…… You mean to tell me that ‘depot square’ closed because of “paper issues”….? People dont even make it a secret to deal at bars anymore….why not spend some money and get someone undercover in these places??? I see it EVERY weekend…..Egans? SOUTH PARK? it’s common gosspip among the 25-30 set….. get it together. This town is becoming trash….very quick.

  33. “hip-hop culture is destroying the fabric of our society.”
    This is a correct statement…
    Did anyone watch the VMA’s last night. I’m locking my kid up until this nightmare ends.

  34. While this site can be entertaining on occasion, the usual banter is completely inane and relatively useless. What really amuses me is when some point to others as cowards for hiding in anonymity (especially directed at those who do not submit a fake name and are, therefore, listed as “Hiding …”). Such jabs virtually always come from folks who proudly post fake names. Do some really think that they are showing their courage by using stupid fake names? Why would they point to the cowardice of others?
    I, obviously, have no problem with posting alias’, but I would never presume to call someone to task for “Hiding” and I have substantive respect for those who do use their real names.

  35. Prianna,
    Why is someone posting every hour a problem? Act like he’s not there. i bet we’ll all be happier for it. ignoring him sends the same message as insulting him, except you don’t waste your time. He’s obviously not going to change his ways, and some people must like what he has to say because they egg him on. So bitching at him doesn’t seem like a worthwhile pursuit. He doesn’t care to get the message you’re trying to transmit to him.

  36. How did this turn into an argument about race? Shouldn’t we just be happy that these punks were arrested? I’d be happy if all news reports about crime omitted mention of race except when it’s absolutely necessary. Geez.

  37. Prianna, those who agree with her (him?), normally I’d tell you all to stick it in your cauliflower ears. But I sense extreme youth in most of your posts, and a seeming lack of literacy.
    So instead, children, just try and read a bit more. Try the “classics. (By which I don’t mean back issues of SPIN, either.) None of you are yet transmitting a “message” other than your own self-importance, after all. And pray, for guidance.

  38. You are all idiots. Why get involved. Arrest the kids. Punish the kids. Done. Who cares if they are black or white or if this is a trend from hip-hop or from punk rock or whatever. Bottom line. a couple kids were selling/doing coke. They got caught they get punished. That is it. Move on. Most of you were probably doing coke in the 80s with your breakfast anyway so don’t get on your high horse either. Had you been caught I would have been sayign the same thing.

  39. Yes – Thank you Newarker! Unfortunately Clarity was more interested in fomenting a race based discussion from the start.
    The sad fact is that for too many individuals it’s much easier to simply throw one’s hands up in utter exhaustion and move to Morris County, rather than deal with the issues that diversity brings. Clarity’s remarks serve to encourage this demographic flow.

  40. Just checking in after a day. a couple thoughts:
    – I wasn’t so much interested in fomenting a race-based discussion; I was commenting on how predictably race-based the reactions to these sorts of stories are.
    – Cathar is a sad little man who writes well, but only in the service of deluded self-aggrandizement. His long life is devoid of any real accomplishment when makes him even sadder.

  41. It is indeed odd to criticize people for posting anonymously on a board that’s completely anonymous.

  42. Some of us are utterly exhausted dealing with the ‘issues diversity brings’ for over 30 yrs in this town. We’re a little tired of the achievement gap, graffitti, vandalism, and armed robberies, and I speak as one who has had a gun pressed against my jugular, right here in Upper Baristaville.
    A lot of us thought that the ideals of the civil rights movement exemplified the ways things ought to be. We put our money where our mouths were. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ have been thrown at this problem, nationally and locally.
    Please, enlighten us as to how to deal with the issues diversity brings. And no, I don’t live in a lily-white neighborhood. I have converstions with people of many races, nationalities and ages on a daily basis, and I feel my life is the richer for it.
    I stayed here to provide my child with a more well-rounded world view than I had growing up, and I feel that has been a positive experience. But Morris County is looking pretty good these days.

  43. do these youths sell marijuana also? is this a good spot to go for marijuana and/or prostitutes????

  44. “I stayed here to provide my child with a more well-rounded world view than I had growing up, and I feel that has been a positive experience. But Morris County is looking pretty good these days.”
    You are correct, Inquiring Minds. There are no drugs being sold/consumed in Morris county. And well-rounded world views? Heck! Morris County is the Capital of Well-Rounded World Views.
    I have to go to my NA meeting on South Street. BBL

  45. Bloomfield has far more hookers than Montclair. Everyone knows you go to Bloomfield for sex, Upper Montclair for coke and Bloomfield Ave for pot, and Glen Ridge for sensitivity training

  46. thanks indignant! but WHERE on bloomfield do they sell this pot???
    I am frankly getting a little tired of people sending me to the police station! Fool me once, shame on you–fool me twice, shame on me! There are NO marijuana dealers on bloomfield and valley!
    Someone sent me to a RETIREMENT HOME to find prostitutes! There were NONE there!!!

  47. Norton,
    They were there – you just arrived at nap time. You have to catch those old gals early in the morning!

  48. I wouldn’t want to speak for clarity, mainly because clarity is eloquent enough for self-defense, but the point wasn’t to make this post a referendum on race: I thought it was a comment on how bad news gets reported. I too, thought this piece was posted in a “just the facts” kind of way, which doesn’t always happen when the race of the perps is mentioned.
    Looking at this from the lighter side, I’m enjoying the quips on this post. It is even spilling over onto other posts!
    Hurray laughter!

  49. keep building million dollar town houses and you will keep attracting people with the money and habits to snort coke.
    How long did you think it would take. keep opening places with all these clubs, do you have any idea how many people come into these places coked up. Montclair wake up, you have now idea.

  50. “‘Since when was it “predictable” for 17-year-olds to be snorting coke?’
    Actually, since about the mid-1970s.”
    Yes, they sound very much like a couple of friends of mine circa 1978 — but they were much smarter about when and where they would deal. One of them actually financed his entire first year of college that way. (He told his mom he was making money doing handyman jobs. She was a widow, and there wouldn’t have been any $$ for college otherwise, w/out taking out a loan.) Once he got out of college, he went to work the sales dept. of some corporation and broke all previous sales records. We had to smile about that.
    Today he’s a successful exec living in a posh gated community down in N.C.
    Remember tales of Studio 54 and Saturday Night Live skits making fun of coked-out rock stars? That all trickled down to the burbs in the ’70’s. And McDonalds had to stop making those long plastic coffee stirrers with the tiny little plastic spoons at the end because word got out that they’d become very popular as coke spoons?
    Actually I’m surprised that kids are *still* doing coke.
    And it’s true that the upper middle class kids are the ones with the disposable income to buy the stuff. I hear tales about kids being given 200$ a week as spending money.

  51. I know I’m going to sound ancient here, but my mother, who graduated from high school in 1934, told me about some kids in her school who were arrested for selling cocaine. She lived in a northern Bergen county town, which was basically a rural/farming area at that time.
    The stuff has been around forever, and will probably continue to be.

  52. I’m just waiting for Barista to post one of those nifty maps with the drug dealing spots and hooker locales nicely flagged so I can mapquest it all. I hate to waste gas driving around looking for my illicit thrills

  53. one is white, the other is puerto rican, had nothing to do with race, they were just too high to think, and they weren’t doin coke.

  54. You’re right….Puerto Rican is NOT a race. A Puerto Rican might be an Afro, indian, hispanic, indo-european, or some nice blend of the above.

  55. You racist!
    You deny that Puerto Rican is an ethnic race. Do you also deny Brazillians saying that they are all mixed as well.
    You white people are all mixed of course and are proud of it. How many times have I heard some white person say “I’m half Irish and a quarter German with some Austrian and a little bit of Welsh thrown in”. You are all mongrels and now you require us to be “pure”.

  56. “Iceman” -oh, with a name like that you must be cool. You write “your prepubescent prissy posts bore me.” I’m a 45 year old Asian-American woman with a PHD. I won’t post my opinions of your persona based on your rants. I’m sorry I bore you, I’m sure your customers at Kinkos bore you too – it must be a bummer to fix xerox machines for idiots all day long.

  57. If my memory serves me correctly, Iceman came rushing to the rescue of that singular psychopath ROC/Cathar/Nottenham when it was noticed that the same character(s) was trying to ‘piffle” everyone. Should we add Iceman to that list of names? The thing that scares me is that I can look at the number of posts that Cathar makes, then look at the ROC posts, and realize it’s all the same – this sick individual LIVES for this blog. And now Ice defends this?

  58. Prianna;
    I wouldn’t get too worked up over it. Ice can speak for himself, but I don’t think it is defense of the Usual Suspects, just acknowledgement of their right to post.
    I have to agree with your assessment regarding the Usual Suspects. Whether it is one person or several, this entity has a measure of control over the posts on the Baristaville site. I started posting here 4-5 months ago and have wondered what the deal is?
    I still come here because I live in West Orange… Outer-Outer Baristaville in the scheme of things, but I dig the overall vibe, and enjoy the Montclair area. Don’t let anyone stop you from posting here; most folks just ignore them!

  59. You can add “Iceman” and also “LaserMike”-all the same person!!
    Really, Cathar would love a return to the good old days of the Crusades and the Inquisition so he can defend the “True Faith”.
    Remember, the Cathars were outside of mainstream Catholicism and were duly hunted down as heretics, but they believed themselves to be the true believers; they were also Dualists (Man having both Good/Bad Souls)-sounds like
    Cathar/ROC/Notteham, etc. Or maybe Richard just suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.

  60. Prianna,
    “I’m a 45 year old Asian-American woman with a PHD”…geesh, am I supposed to be impressed? If I were you I’d ask the school that gave you the PH.D for a refund.
    And oh, yeah, piffle to you too.

  61. What well know montclair land developer’s teenage son was arrested this week for selling drugs. Check the police blotter. Seems like the young lad has given his folks a lot of trouble. Lets see if he gets special treatment cause of his parents.

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