You remember the little thrift shop in Montclair, with entertaining window dressing? Driving by this week, we see that manager Dawn Candy is serving up her usual sexy seasonal sensations.

fashions%202.jpg halloween2.jpg

St. Barnabas Thrift Shop is where you’ll find gently used ball gowns and dresses to die for at frighteningly low prices. 51 North Fullerton, Montclair. 973509-2060.

14 replies on “Morticia Would Approve”

  1. Hospice care is far from “ghoulish”. Equate the window with the season, not the wonderful service The Center for Hospice Care offers.

  2. Hey Baristas — it’s great having the archives back — but where are all the pictures? I just clicked onto the link above in Annette’s story and got everything but the pix — is that fixable?

  3. hey baby, there are lots of ways to spell your name. why don’t you come over some time and we can try them all…

  4. I wqs told yesterday- in another thread- that WE are all responsible for letting the barista know that there is a problem with links and that WE are to send an e-mail to the tips e-mail–on the contact us page- if WE want something fixed.

  5. “Sorry, I only date men who know how to spell my name correctly.”
    Foolish me,
    I trusted “the best kisser ever” in that he knew how to spell.
    I am a married man anyway. (But, you’re still looking good)

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