CNN reports that Saddam Hussein has been executed.

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  1. The execution of Hussein by this Iraqi government under US occupation may go down as a failure along side Abu Gahraib and Paul Bremer disbanding Iraqi army.

  2. The execution of Hussein by this Iraqi government under US occupation may go down as a failure along side Abu Gahraib and Paul Bremer disbanding the Iraqi army.

  3. I don’t know how I feel about this. Yes, he’s a bastard murderer but what does this solve? Does it bring back all the people he callously murdered? Will there now be 1,000 years of peace because Saddam has been hanged? On the contrary, he is now seen as a martyr to his followers and his death will create more unrest between his disciples and his enemies.

  4. Was Saddam worthy of execution? Yes.
    Should he have been executed?
    By executing him his status as a martyr has been solidified. Time will tell how this manifest in the minds of anti-american radicals.

  5. CRIKEY MAYTES! who didn’t think saddam’s ass was grass the second dubbya won the first election? gotta vindicate daddy wot? cheers!

  6. He should not have been executed! He should have been hung, upside down, by his “jewels”, been covered in Exxon Premium and set a-blaze, as a human torch to light the way.

  7. This is probably the singularly most anti-climatic event in the succession of anti-climatic events known as the Iraqi War.
    Saddam most assuredly deserved to die; he was a Mesopotamian Stalin. Yet he has become so irrelevant to current events in Iraq that I have to wonder, why bother now?
    The TV talking heads will obsess and blather over this for the next week or so. And I won’t be surprised if the White House tries to make propoganda from this. Yet it will all be nonsequitur.
    There are only two newsworthy questions that should arise from this:
    – Why has no one ever been held accountable for the incompetent prosecution of the war that resulted in more military casaulties after Saddam was captured than were incurred before?
    – What is George Bush going to do differently now to ensure that we don’t suffer even more casaulties following Saddam’s execution that we suffered before?
    Hmm. Anderson Cooper is on the TV behind me, and he just said that this month is the second deadliest month for the US military (107 killed) since we invaded. I hope George is thinking real hard over his Christmas recess.

  8. I must have missed the news that Saddam was tried, found guilty and hanged by a US court…

  9. Ok, mission accomplished, Mr. Bush. The Iraqi’s showed the world they have a country of laws not the whims of a dictator. Please go on TV and announce that the war is over and the troop withdrawals will start tomorrow.
    Happy New Year

  10. He’s in God’s hands now. So, what about Omar Al-Bashir, since we seem to be in the business of taking out murderous leaders who never harmed a hair on Americans’ heads. Surely it’s time to move on? Oh, right, no oil in Darfur.

  11. They should have held off until New year’s Eve – Then they could have hired Dick Clark and called it a “Saddam Drop” ….

  12. I think Harry Harlow should have been put into his own “Pit of Despair” and left there.
    Very cruel experiments.

  13. “Very cruel experiments.”
    Agreed, but the results are interesting. I certainly think this would be a more fitting punishment for someone convicted of genocide.

  14. Though not a big fan of capital punishment, I can say that there is a collective sigh of relief in the Gulf that this bastard is gone. If left alive, there would be Sunni holdouts praying for the day that Hussein would return to power. This trial, judged fairly if you read the 266 page verdict – was needed for the people of Iraq – not middle class folks in NJ suburbs. Before dismissing the whole procedure, reasonable people should judge that the process was quite exhaustive. There was a good report this morning on NPR, in which a law professor from Case Western Reserve, a specialist in war criminal trials said that he felt it to be perhaps the most comprehensive trial of its type in history. And no, I don’t think he will be a martyr. THe Sunnis are on the losing side in Iraq, they ran the country into the ground and now they are on the wrong side of the demographic bubble. THey either have to figure out a way to live with their neighbors, Shia and Kurd, or they will be destroyed in a lopsided civil war. What America ought to be doing now is supporting the Shia, since reports are that they would prefer our assistance than to be beholden to the Iranians, though Shia, are Persion with grander plans for the entire region.

  15. Just what the hell does this accomplish re the ‘war on terror’ dubya has been spouting? Who the hell didn’t see this coming when he was sworn in the first time? My first thoughts were ‘Saddam’s ass is grass!’. 9/11 was just a good excuse. If that had anything to do with it Osama would have been hanged, not Saddam.
    Don’t get me wrong, this bastard deserved this and more. In fact hanging was too good for him. But how about Darfur? One poster was right in part, there’s no oil in Darfur. Also Dubya’s daddy wasn’t involved in Africa…
    What a crock ‘o crap.

  16. Agreed jmo, the Iraqis need to see Saddam’s corpse blowin’ in the wind (so to speak) to accept that he is finally kaput.
    Saddam got as much of a fair trial as a murderous megalomaniacal dictator could be expected to receive. And he was certainly given a much more dignified bon voyage than most deposed tyrants. Remember those images of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife hanging by their feet?
    I just don’t see that his execution will do much for our particular efforts in Iraq, given how the country has degenerated into civil war. The problem with Iraq now is the Iraqis.

  17. Speaking of the Iraqis, we should definitely be reaching out the Shia to preempt any further influence by the Iranians. We should also drop the Pollyannish notion of establishing a Jeffersonian democracy in that country, and accept the fact that the best we can hope for at this point is a nominal democracy headed by another (albeit less malevolent) strongman.
    Unfortunately, I think both Bush and Cheney are in such a state of advanced ideological delusion and denial that I cannot see the US pursuing this avenue unless Condi and Gates push really hard for a non-military strategy.
    Establishing some sort of alliance or other relationship with the Shia’s might help keep Iraq within our sphere of influence as a bulwark against the rising power of the Iranians, who were, are, and will be the primary threat to US national security in that region.

  18. Anybody catch sight of those eyebrows that Saddam was sporting. Man, could he have used a little thinning.
    For the record, I think his execution helps with closure for the Kurds and Shiites that lived under his rule.

  19. I can’t believe the anti Irag douchbags are yelling about Darfur! F Darfur! They object to our people being killed in a Muslim on Muslim civil war but then want them to do the same in another Muslim on Muslim civil war! Where were they when it a Muslim on Christian? All the Christians are gone or dead. What a bunch of stupid morons!

  20. Pork Roll you are right, the sooner we can swallow our pride and assist the Iraqi Shia the sooner this will be over. THe Sunni’s are outgunned and outmanned, it is only a matter of time before they either decide that mass suicide has an upside or perhaps they ought to realize the deal that was put to them – cabinet posts, share of oil wealth, self determination – outweigh a long protracted civil war that has them onlyt losing at the end of the day. I am cautiously optimistic that while the end is not in sight yet, this event marks a turning point in which both sides see the futility of a continuing struggle. In the end Iraq may not be the Jeffersonian democracy that idealists dream of, but it will be relatively freer than many of its neighbors.

  21. “In the end Iraq may not be the Jeffersonian democracy that idealists dream of, but it will be relatively freer than many of its neighbors.”
    Doubtful. Bush’s stupidity has helped foster yet another anti- American Islamic theocracy.

  22. Ethiopia (successful) launches air-strikes on Somalia. Wasn’t that Clintons (successful) war in 1993? Oh that’s right he cut and ran…. Ethiopia……
    Not on our watch? What have the libs done? Why aren’t the blue helmets there pillaging women and chilren in the middle of the night?

  23. “Ethiopia (successful) launches air-strikes on Somalia. Wasn’t that Clintons (successful) war in 1993? Oh that’s right he cut and ran…. Ethiopia……”
    No, Idiot…it was Papa Bush who first sent troops in and then left the mess for Clinton to clean up.
    Like Father like Son.
    Get your facts right , Shirley.

  24. nightlight,
    It is you who misrepresent the facts again.
    In August 1992 Bush the elder sent troops and equipment to aid the Blue Hats who were getting their butts kicked.
    It was Clinton in 1993 who decided to REDUCE (IE CUT AND RUN) the number of troops in Mogadishu and turn it over to the Blue Hats. And as a result, he then had to redeploy “restore hope” which resulted in US slaughter on the streets.

  25. It remains to be seen what the effect of Saddam’s execution will have on the ex-Bathists. Hopefully, the true belivers will lose
    heart and the opportunists will jump ship. But that will only happen if the government can project its power.
    The government will not get Sunni Arab support if it cannot protect those Sunni Arab leaders who agree to work with it.

  26. Hey Shirley : How come Reagan got a free pass when he cut and ran in Lebanon ?
    And no, I did not misrepresent facts re: Bush.
    Nite Nite.

  27. I don’t think any of us are in a position to comment on whether he should be executed or not since it wasn’t our families he barberically slaughtered. It’s disturbing to see a life taken so violently even if he did deserve it, but would we want it done if he harmed our loved ones?

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