A reader writes with this pressing query…

Where is the best place in Montclair to watch the rutgers game tonight…
This is a serious Montclair issue.

Another reader needs help making plans for the last night of the year…

I need some advice on what to do for New Year’s eve in Montclair… I need to take my woman and my two friends out somewhere, and am at a loss…
Help me!!!

If I was your woman…

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  1. Firstnight is nice, but my wife and I went there a few years ago and it really seemed geared more toward couples with young kids. Sort of a milk and cookies party if you ask me. But again, with young kids I think it’s perfect.

  2. I called Tierney’s and they won’t have the game. Just Jakes person seemed clueless and could not answer me if they had the game available. So far the Town Pub in Bloomfield is the only place I have found that will def have it on.

  3. “Where is the best place in Montclair to watch the rutgers game tonight?”
    How about the comfort of your own living room? You can eat and drink as much as you want, curse as loudly as want and don’t have to wait online to use the bathroom.

  4. I watched the Rutgers/Louisville game at the bar by the Walnut train station (Erie Station?) and it was a great place to watch. Not sure if it will be on tonight though.

  5. also, dr. john is awesome. i would definitely do that. no alchohol, but the show’s only an hour so you can drink before and after if you must.

  6. Just Jake’s is the best place to watch sports, with So Park second. I should know.
    If you say anything bad about Jake’s I’ll beat you up!

  7. That’s funny, Dog Mom. My wife is a costume designer, and she always calls Halloween “amateur night.” I guess it depends on what your profession is…

  8. Come on over to my place! I live in one of those gigantic mansions on Upper Mountain Ave, with a 52inch plasma hi-def TV and a wet bar. You bring the Wild Turkey, I’ll supply the caviar. Maybe Proud Montclairion will come.

  9. Thanks walleroo!
    I assume that your door will be unlocked & I can drop in any time.
    Don’t mind the forklift & the van out back, they won’t be there very long.
    Maybe I’ll say hi to some of your neighbors too! Do you know what they like to drink?

  10. “The Office” is ok except for that seedy waitress (Heather) that slimes around the place looking for whatever she can get.

  11. Wow! The Wallerooski AND Crank have rejoined the withering ranks of the Baristanet originals. Was that one of you on South Mountain Tuesday afternoon, in the ’84 Lincoln Connie with the suede roof and the six-gangster trunk replete with the “BV” sticker?

  12. Marsupials don’t usually drive well, crank. Their paws can’t turn the wheel in anything big (and with a metal horn ring) or even the key. So instead they hunker down and do a “hot start” with their teeth on the wires. Which is why car thieves often use them as accomplices, as long as the cute little suckers don’t electrocute themselves.
    But an ’84 Connie is a car to be reckoned with. Whereas I see walleroo in a ’67 Nash Rambler. Perfect for the average marsupial family. Or perhaps an old DeSoto, the kind with the push button transmission to the driver’s left.

  13. one thing you guys definitely have at your disposal are some of the best restaurants in essex county! you’ve got a lot of places, like the “Office” that have sports bars to watch the game – and there must be plenty of other nice places where you can all go to eat and party on New Year’s Eve! Check either your very own Montclair Times or the Star Ledger – and I bet you come up with something or someplace where you will have a ball. Have a happy, healthy and safe 2007!

  14. The neighborhood had gotten kind of seedy lately, and as both work and social pressures demanded much of my time (it is s-o-o-o lonely at the top), I haven’t been motivated to post much on here. Today is an exception, with the article about Chairman Lazar’s demise, and this little thread about last night’s Rutgers game wherein two old friends — and now three — chimed in. Did anyone ever post the fact that Comcast was giving out its Digital boxes with 30 days of free service, including the tier that carries the NFL Channel? I saw a small blurb about that last friday in the Ledger and hied meself over to West Orange and picked it up.

  15. Conan it is nice to see your moniker here again. Was hoping we’d see you at the Diva bash.
    No that was not me in the Lincoln. I have a vintage Honda & since it is entirely made of plastic, the BV magnet won’t stick anywhere.

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