We know it’s a big avenue, but as of this posting, there are currently 10 properties for sale on Highland Avenue in Montclair. We’re not sure if this constitutes some kind of mass exodus (folks getting tired of those stunning NYC views?) or if it’s just a strange serendipity of sorts. Meanwhile, if you’ve always wanted to live on Highland, now’s your chance. For addresses of the pictured homes for sale, scroll over the photo (click to see larger). Prices range from $849,900 to $2,200,000; here’s the stretch where the houses are. And if you’ve always wondered about snow and those steep driveways, Highland Ave is an anomaly in Montclair; residents that live up or down the hills have street-side parking in addition to driveway space — a must in inclement weather.

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  1. I have lived on Highland Avenue for 10 years, we have a very steep drive leading to our propery, and am not aware of street side parking during the winter/snow days, can someone please explain how this works? Last time we parked our car outisde of our property during a snow storm we received a parking ticket!

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