Once upon a time, there was a ranch on the corner of Watchung and Upper Mountain Aves…

Contemp1watchung And it looked like this. The house, situated on an acre of land, sold in August 2004 for $849,000.

The original home was demolished except for the chimney wall, and it seemed to stay that way for a very long while. Now there’s a flurry of activity and an abundance of workers on the site in force, building a massive fortress castle home; we even spied a catering truck to keep them fed. So, what will it look like in the end?

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  1. Last time I checked, there were some pretty large homes around Watchung & Upper Mountain. I’m afraid that this only qualifies as servants quarters for that neighborhood.

  2. I work in Englewood Cliffs, where dozens of ranch and split levels from the 50s and 60s are demolished to build megaliths on postage sized lots. This is a common practice in upscale neighborhoods outside of Baristaville.

  3. I’m not a big fan of ranch houses or “modern” architecture from that era, but this particular ranch actually looked as if it had some unusual character to it; perhaps it was designed by a well-known architect. It’s really kind of sad that it was torn down for what may be a typical “McMansion.” However, we must wait and see, because if it ends up being a pseudo-Victorian with well-designed features that better fits into the neighborhood (like the one on South Mountain that was recently completed) perhaps it will actually be an improvement.

  4. Looks like yet another example of the blight brought on by the greedy, encouraged and bankrolled by those whose resources far, far exceed their taste (or concern for the neighborhoods).
    Some recent new construction has fit in nicely and is a credit to all involved.
    If the current crop on monstrosities meet zoning regulations and code then it’s obvious to me that those codes & regulations need an immediate, complete, and thoughtful overhaul.

  5. Wayne – you havent even seen it yet – how can you know?! It’s replacing a ranch house – dont Montclairions hate those?

  6. Simply put, I’ve seen enough of it (in person). Puppies don’t grow up to be cats; they grow up to be dogs.
    We live in a ranch. We’ve thought Victorian a few times. A quick family headcount (2) made us more realistic.
    I’d rather focus on future prevention.

  7. Hey, I’ll take an ersatz colonialtudorfederalmcmansion over a rambling stack-of-shoeboxes ranch house anytime — at least there’s a feeble nod toward traditional design in what’s going up.

  8. One of my friends grew up in the “ranch” that once lived there. I know that I have many wonderful memories of that house and I was just a friend. Lets hope that whatever comes out of all the development will bring wonderful new memories for others throughout the years.

  9. no, butch, montclarians don’t hate “ranches” — some of the most beautiful gardens and best trees in town have grown in the sunlight provided by a large lot and a 1 story house….

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