What’s happening to all the restaurants in Baristaville? First, tipsters alert us to the closing of Bloomfield’s well-regarded Formia, as well as the Village Cupboard. Now we’re hearing rumblings of a proposed sale of newbie Gaucho Steak Argentinian Grill. And worse, talk of another Italian restaurant coming to replace it (not that there’s anything wrong with Italian, but it’s not like they aren’t well represented already.)

If the rumors are true, all I can say is — please, don’t go. After having dinner on three different occasions, with three different groups of diners at Gaucho, and experiencing three incredible meals (and no service problems), could I have been just incredibly lucky? Maybe, but I’d be seriously bummed if Gaucho pulled up its pants and walked. Stay — I love those fries, the steaks, the ceviche, and those sinful dulce de leche crepes. Don’t give up on us baby, we’re still worth one more try. And we’re not the only ones who like you.

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  1. I noticed the posting date for this, April 1, 2007…is this then an April Fools joke, or is this for real?

  2. Your comment says Jan. 15, so all is still right with the world. It’s a special tech glitch unique to the food page. Don’t sweat it too much.

  3. They had some glitches to work out, but they didn’t even give themselves time to do so. The food was great, but I wished there was more of it.

  4. Jorge! Don’t go! Please! So many great meals, so many more to come… please stay and help maintain the precious diversity of Montclair! We need you!

  5. i’m not going any where,just rumors.from two jerks dominick and a 1960 old car salesman passe name garibaldi

  6. I am devastated to learn that Formia’s is gone! For so many years when we lived in Montclair, it was one of our very favorite places. I wish the people there well, and hope they are moving on to better things. It was indeed a gem, in a state that has so many good Italian restaurants.

  7. Went to Gaucho on Saturday night. The food (what was left of it — at 8 pm a few dishes had run out) was WONDERFUL. The service was very pleasant and accommodating but slow. Don’t be in a rush and you’ll be fine. Don’t go, Gaucho!

  8. I will NOT miss Formia. It had really gone down hill. The last meal I had there was terrible. The chicken was served to me undercooked and had to be sent back and my ravioli appetizer was way too al dente. (to the point of being rubbery and crunchy) I vowed never to go back after that. The tables were also on top of each other.

  9. The food is yummy. Hope Gaucho doesn’t close, but if it does. I want that portrait of Hillary Clinton hanging on the back wall.

  10. not to worry my good costumer,we are not going any were,just rumors spread from ,should we call them bad people or just ignorant ,or people in the bussines with some kind of fears,i aprecciated the support from clients that understand not only quality food but a great meal or better yet a good time at gaucho steak,regarding a rush service or a not a too profesional service.at this time our priority is food ,,,with time we will delivery service as well…..thank you for your palate and support…….

  11. i’m sorry i forgot to tell you who i’m.i’m the chef of gaucho steak together with my partner alex garcia.just happened that if you dont see as that often isn becouse we working in two other locations to be open in the near future 1 in manhattan and 1 in brooklyn.so we are not going any were at this time ,,,,,,sorry

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