Commuting hassles abound this morning. Blackberry-wielding commuters on Conductor Josh’s listserve report residual delays on trains into Manhattan, following a disabled train stuck in the tunnel earlier this morning. Meanwhile, there’s a water main break on Rt. 3 clogging traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel. A reader warns:

water main break on route 3 at meadowlands. there is one lane open, busses are taking the service lane. there are delays. if you take the bus- might want to take the train instead. if you are driving, expect a delay.

If you’re still home, maybe it would be a good day to telecommute.

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  1. 10/15 – overhead power problems. trains delayed.
    11/2 – disabled train in tunnel. trains delayed.
    11/8 – mechanical problems. trains delayed.
    11/9 – mechanical problems. trains delayed.
    11/16 – “inclement weather.” trains delayed.
    11/20 – disabled train in tunnel. trains delayed.
    11/21 – disabled train in tunnel (something Freudian going on here) . trains delayed.
    12/1 – signal problem. trains delayed.
    12/5 – signal problem. trains delayed.
    12/11 – signal problem. tains cancelled.
    12/14 – signal proble. trains delayed.
    12/27 – disabled train in tunnel. trains delayed.
    1/4 – bridge problems. trains delayed.
    1/5 power outage. trains delayed.
    1/9 mechanical problem. trains delayed.
    1/17 – bridge problems. trains delayed.
    1/19 – signal problem. trains delayed.
    1/20 – fire in tunnel. trains cancelled.
    1/31 – disabled train. trains delayed.

  2. is everyone who rides the train a complainer?
    i used to think it was just those who live near the tracks

  3. The phrase I hear on 90% of the mornings when I exit the Montclair train at Penn Station.
    “Thank you for riding New Jersey Transit. We apologize for the delay.”

  4. “Are you a subscriber?…or is there an alternative source for that info?”
    I’m a subscriber to the listserv but the delays I posted are all from NJ transit email alerts.
    Feel free to use this data when filing a class action lawsuit. Also get excited about the fact that NJT is planning a significant fare hike.

  5. The train is on time maybe 10 percent of the time. That’s being generous. The timetable s they give out for the Midtown Direct have a big middle finger on it if you put on 3d glasses.

  6. Alot of times the NJ TRANSIT are delayed because of Amtrak is behind schedule and who own the tracks and direct operations and can’t get their head out of their ass.
    You should never actually have the train run on time, they are supposed to be a minute or two late particularly for the kind if idiots that have to run across the tracks because they are running even more late to make the train. NJ TRANSIT schedules that in.

  7. Though Tyler Turden’s 2nd paragraph doesn’t make sense, he does raise a good point: Amtrak is the culprit.
    Amtrak sucks, and sucks badly. They own all the crap that breaks down in Sunnyside Yard, etc. Whoever the Amtrak CEO is, he should have a choice between jail time or picking up litter on the tracks. The Acela tracks.

  8. The 7:53 trainfrom Gen Ridge is late like 95% of the time. What a joke. It’s like a 3rd World country minus the goats and chickens.

  9. Actually I find it hilarious how NJT makes a point of mentioning AmTrack in every delay message they send out. The conductor this morning on the cleverly configured train that was trying to make up time even cracked up as he said “sorry folks, not our fault.. it was… AMTRAK! Of course”
    The feds have dumped billions and billions into propping up the airlines and their crappy service, but Amtrak has been left to basically fall apart and die. Until NJT and Amtrak start working together to find money to upgrade infrastructure it’s only going to get worse.
    I love that in a town of commuters, we have virtually no leadership from our elected morons on these topics.
    Where’s that weekend service?!?!?!?

  10. Dear Flamboyantly Gay Broadway person:
    I like it! I also like:
    The moon in June;
    A coffee spoon,
    The way your mammy carries a tune;
    A chirpy bird,
    A kindly word,
    A little tiny doggie turd;
    A cowboy hat,
    A welcome mat,
    A cake or cookie that makes me fat.
    I think this officially sums up everything necessary to say about this subject, and I hope this thread closes at this point and is frozen in time forever, and maybe my words will be etched on a coin and issued by the Franklin Mint.

  11. why would BRUCE want to hear about this. He doesn’t even live in Motclair
    or Bloomfield
    or Belleville
    or Kearny
    or Secaucus
    or whatever

  12. Back on Track:
    Picking up the Piece:
    Following the Thread:
    Is it just me or is the totality of the services gone down the tubes?
    Not just late, but fewer cars, permanent delays, TransitChek card is worse, etc.
    I’m detraining.

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