Montclair resident Jeanette Lauture, a mother of 4 year old twins, has been gearing up since the summer to open up a new toy store in Montclair. In fact, her planning guru has been Ann Cohen, the retired owner of Toys in the Attic (and mother of Claire Baker of Copabananas). Her new store, Aunt Jean’s Toys and Treats, will stock many of the unique toys she loved to find at the Church Street store, plus offer a few more bells and whistles.
The “treat” part means you’ll find a display of retro candy from the 50’s and 60’s for sale, and the kids will enjoy a back playroom where they can attend puppet shows and multi-cultural story hours. And does anyone remember what good customer service is? Jeanette vows to revive it in the store, and even offer a gift drop-off service.


The grand opening celebration is on March 24 with treats, give aways, and enchanting entertainment. Aunt Jean’s is located in the storefront formerly occupied by Montclair Upholstery, at 12 North Willow Street. Call for special events schedule: 973-783-6100.
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  1. didn’t both of those stores shut down? what is the advice? don’t do it? But really, best of luck.

  2. Actually, the owners of Toys in the Attic retired after a very successful run. And Claire’s store — Copabananas –lives on in cyberspace and on eBay. She was forced to close her very successful Church Street location due to an unreasonable rent increase. I think that both former store owners provided excellent retail services to the community and should be able to offer some very good advice to the new store owner. Good luck! I plan to check it out.

  3. That whole area (North Willow, Glen Ridge Ave, Greenwood) is really coming about. Plofker did a really nice job restoring that old auto parts store into his office building, and what i gather is a store for Bobbi? Now the wonderful people from Toys in the Attic are going to make the area more family friendly and hopefully spruce up that old ugly building. Doesn’t Plofker also have approved plans to build a hi rise condo building on that corner? The YWCA, the improvements to that park on lackawanna, it’s all wonderful. What’s happening with the former site of Montclair Pet & feed? This seems to be good, measurable, progress.

  4. What happened to Montclair Upholstery??!!
    They were wonderful – friendly, inexpensive, wonderful service!

  5. My wife and I recently stopped by Aunt Jean’s Toys & Treats to buy my young son a train set. We were delighted that Jeanette personally consulted with us on our various options and she made sure we got just what we wanted. You can’t put a price on that kind of service. She had a really unique selection of toy brands and my son LOVED the big electric train running along the ceiling (which they turned on just for him). I highly recommend this store!

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