Residents living in the areas of Bloomfield Avenue to Walnut Street and Grove to Baldwin Streets, have organized a public meeting with MPD to address crime and safety issues in their neighborhood. They’ve invited Chief of Police David Sabagh and Lt. Kenneth Miscia, Bureau Commander of the Community Policing Bureau to a community talk tonight. They’ll be fielding questions and presenting info about the “Neighborhood Watch” program.
Tonight, 6:30 pm, at Montclair Fire Department Headquarters, 1 Pine Street, Second Floor Meeting Room. Refreshments served. Call 973-509-1961 for information.

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  1. Trust me, this meeting is all bullsh*t. I can’t tell you how any meetings i’ve been to with the cops, who promise everything, and deliver nothing.

  2. Wow that is a lot Sorry u have been let down so hard Try not 2 cry little buck-a-roo

  3. Tuesday, March 20, 2007
    Star-Ledger Staff
    Montclair police have beefed up enforcement of a state law that prohibits newly licensed drivers from cruising around with a carload of friends — a rule that is routinely broken, sometimes with tragic consequences.
    We have seen a surge in violent crime. Armed robbery, car jacking, a shooting on pine and Bay streets, yet our police focus is on our high school students who are driving with too many students in the car. Our police need to be more concerned with solving those violent crimes, and our principal should stick to making sure our students are educated.

  4. Truth be told though, many crimes are solved/prevented by strong traffic enforcement. The reason all those cops are shot on “routine” car stops aren’t because the driver is upset over a burned-out headlight ticket.
    Concerning the young drivers. If you read the full article you would have seen that Montclair did the right thing before issuing summonses, reminded the students of what they had learned when testing for their license. The fact that 100 summonses have been issued since the 5th of Feb and that there is clearly a number of clueless parents out there, show a problem exists. If there was a tragedy involving a car full of kids the criticisms of the police would also show up here. No it seems they have this about correct, if the parents can’t handle the issue someone else will have to babysit for them.

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