We’ve got a show that’ll make you laugh (tonight), a cool jazz concert for date night, and for the little ones, international stars Swimmy, Frederick The Mouse, and Inch the Inchworm performing Sunday afternoon. If you’ve been paying attention, you know all three shows have been mentioned or advertised on Baristanet. Be the first to identify the show, and you’ll win two tickets to the perfromance. Don’t try and win them all – only one pair of tickets per person.
First Winner! mother_of_i wins two tickets to The Nova Scotia Mermaid Theater performance this Sunday afternoon at SOPAC. Congratulations, and give our regards to Swimmy!
C’mon people now, let’s get to guessin’. We’ve got two more pairs of tickets to give away, both great shows!
Second Winner: Denise just won two tickets to SOPAC’s Bill Charlap Trio concert.
Sorry, no one guessed last night’s event at the Diva Lounge, Girls Gone Funny starring Glen Ridge’s funniest mom, Eileen Kelly. Catch her next time…

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  1. That is,
    The Nova Scotia Mermaid Theater performing Leo Lionni’s “Swimmy, Frederick and Inch by Inch
    ” at the South Orange Performing Arts Center.

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