Here’s a heartwarming story behind yesterday’s three-alarm blaze in Bloomfield. From 1010 WINS, it was the family’s two-year-old son, sitting in his high chair, who saw the flames first.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports, Ethan Molina was eating lunch in his high chair when he screamed to his father and grandmother to look outside the window. That’s when the spotted the flames.
Ethan’s dad was able to get the family out before the house became fully engulfed.
Four other families had already evacuated, but nobody knew the Molinas were still inside the home.
Eric Molina called his son Ethan a hero. “He saved our lives today. I thank God for him.”

Hat tip to Geoff Gove for letting us know.

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  1. I think it’s disgusting how Lassie’s name is denigrated by having it crossed out. Dogs and I think cats have saved more people from fires than 2 year-olds.

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