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Soprano Sue scored a ticket to New York City’s hottest premiere, and shares the excitement…
Last night, I got to go to the premiere of The Sopranos at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The “no camera rule” was strictly enforced, so I dumped my camera with someone I knew. For now, there is some video on YouTube of the √¢‚Ǩ≈ìmob scene√¢‚Ǩ¬ù at the 51st Street entrance, as the cast arrives on the red carpet. HBO was also filming the cast on the carpet (no they weren√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t rolled up in it) and the crowd watching the fun from across the street. Some of the loudest noise in the crowd came when a truck was stuck at the light, blocking everyone√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s view.

Media Bistro lists some of the talent that was there. The NY Post has some reports from last night.
The night started with the obligatory speeches from HBO royalty. David Chase, creator of the show, spoke about how HBO has fostered creativity in the artist, and acknowledged those who made the show possible. Then, he introduced the cast of the show, some past (away) and others present, who have not yet to had the chance to push up some daisies. Listening to the speeches, it hit me: this really is the end of the show.
The screening started with a film tribute to the entire crew. It was well done, and no one, regardless of their status on the crew, was forgotten.
Immediately afterwards, the audience was treated to the first two episodes of the show. I really don’t want to get too much into the storyline and ruin it for anyone, but here are a few tidbits:
• Tony Soprano has his 47th birthday, receiving some interesting gifts.
• At least 3 people leave their existence on earth.
• We get to see a Montclair location, Tierney’s Tavern interior.
• Some of the performances by the cast were outstanding.
• There were definitely some really funny parts.
• It has always simply amazed me, how a there can be loud gun fire, and nobody pays attention to it.
Sorry, no spoilers, but I truly want you to watch this unaffected, and for everything to be a surprise. I always look back on the scene when Richie Aprile was killed. Yes, we all knew his days were numbered, but as the audience, think back on the impact that scene had on you when it ended up with Janice pulling the trigger. For those of you who just have to know something, check out Newsday.
Monday night, there was a “First Reading” benefit for Studio Dante, Broadway World has some photos from the event. Studio Dante is the theater owned by Michael Imperioli and his wife. The play “Chicken” is presently in production there. The play stars Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisanti) and Sharon Angela (Rosalie Aprile).
Penthouse%3ASopranos.jpg For those over the age of 18 (says on the magazine, you must be), Richard Linnet has a story about the real Sopranos, in the April issue of Penthouse. The story, on page 94, is a comparison between the lives of the fictional Tony Soprano, and the real life Jersey wise guy, Anthony Boiardo, on whom the author believes the storyline of the show is based. The Union County based DeCavalcante family and some guy in Garfield, New Jersey, are also making this claim. Richard Linnet interviewed Tony “Boy” Boiardo’s son, and I have to admit he has a good argument.
Tonight, is the live airing of Vincent Pastore’s Wise Guy Show on Sirius Radio, and I have to admit it doesn’t get much “liver” than this. Sirius Radio will be broadcasting live from the “Wacked Soprano” event being held at The Museum of Television & Radio. Bryant Gumble will be moderating a panel which will consist of Sopranos creator, David Chase, Steve Buscemi (Tony Blundetto), Drea De Matteo (Adriana La Cuerva), Annabella Sciorra (Gloria Trillo) and Terence Winter (co executive producer). David Chase is expected to discuss, “the fine art of wacking.”
Soprano Sue
(– Photos by Warren Levinson.)

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  1. I heard from someone who is supposedly “in the know” that the Holsteins scene IS NOT the final scene. Any comment?

  2. I assume all this Soprano stuff will pass fairly quickly, so I’m not sure it’s really worth ranting about. But this is not what this blog is all about and I, and many others, are growing weary of this. I am sure Soprano Sue is a wonderful person, but this is so not what this website has grown its fan base on.

  3. “it hit me: this really is the end of the show.”
    wow,by the end of the series this blog will turn into Soprano Sue’s Suicide Watch

  4. “it hit me: this really is the end of the show.”
    wow,by the end of the series this blog will turn into Soprano Sue’s Suicide Watch

  5. “it hit me: this really is the end of the show.”
    wow,by the end of the series this blog will turn into Soprano Sue’s Suicide Watch

  6. Bruce Springsteen and his family have ice cream at Holsteins = Barista worthy
    Bruce Springsteen benefit at Carnegie Hall = Not Barista worthy
    Michael Strahan throws a chair at a person at Egans= Barista worthy
    Michael Strahan throws a chair at someone in St. Louis = Not Barista worthy
    Bobbie Brown opens new store in Montclair = Barista worthy
    Bobbie Brown opens new store in Weehawken = Not Barista worthy
    It’s really not that hard.

  7. Someone end these threads about the Sopranos. Let’s talk about the three Ps: redundant issues like parking, porn shops, and the police.

  8. ***SPOILER ALERT***
    Someone i know actually stole a copy of the sides off location at holstens last week: Here is THE LAST SCENE OF THE SOPRANOS
    Tony, Carmela, meadow & AJ finish eating a family dinner at a booth. Suddenly Tony’s stomach begins to grumble.
    M******f*****g c***s****r!!!
    Tony! In front of the kids?? Jesus!
    Tony rushes off —
    I’m so embarrassed to be part of
    this family!
    Watch that tone, little missy!
    Tony shoves a waiting customer out of the way and slams the bathroom door shut.
    We soon hear a BARRAGE OF FLATULENCE.
    Carmela, A.J. and Meadow listen to the booming flatulence in the distance.
    Dad’s really letting it rip!
    He shouldn’t have eaten that
    capigole before dinner!
    Soon, Carmela, A.J. and Meadow into laughter and hold hands across the table.
    —END HERE—
    This is how the “greatest show in the history of television” ends. Now you know, Baristanet readers.

  9. when will they be filming at holsten’s Ice cream parlor in bloomfield, I have not heard anything about it.

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