We have just received information from Town Manager Joe Hartnett about the condition of a 13-year old Montclair boy who was hit by a van yesterday afternoon.

We have been informed this morning through the Police Department that the medical condition of the youngster on a skateboard who was hit by a motor vehicle yesterday on Orange Road near Hillside School has been upgraded to “guarded” following surgery. Our thoughts and prayers remain with this boy and his family.

We are waiting for a call back from Chief Sabagh, and will update during the day as we receive news. And based on reader comments, it sounds like, in general, both drivers and pedestrians need some remedial safety lessons.

19 replies on “Teen Hit By Car – Condition Improving”

  1. So the kid was “hit” by a van OR an SUV ? Either way quite sure it wasn’t the auto’s fault.
    Kids are playing in and around traffic with no regard for the law. They taunt and challenge “SUV’s” everyday. They meander across the road daring you to stop. They dart in and out of parked cars, cross in the middle of the block at will.
    Time for the schools and parents to have a few sit downs with the kids.
    Two kids hit recently “running” in traffic. Next time might not be so lucky………

  2. According to one post (which was has not been corroborated) the 13 yr old was skateboarding on the sidewalk when he lost control of his skateboard and fell into the street. This could easily be an unfortunate accident.

  3. I have had two near misses at Watchung Plaza. 4 boys on boards in front of Boiling Springs Bank “jumping” on and off the curb into on coming traffic. Thankfully I was aware of them given I was at a red light at No. Fullerton before proceeding into the Plaza. Second time I was able to flag down a cop who chased them away, unfortunately they seem to have now taken up residence on Fairfield between the train staion stairs and the book store. Be aware if you go around the Plaza to Fairfield between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. I hope this young man, injured yesterday, will have a full and speedy recovery!!

  4. Some tips for local drivers:
    Observe speed limits.
    Drive defensively.
    Don’t use cell phones while driving. Avoid unnecessary distractions.
    Keep your eyes on the road at all times!

  5. “What happened to the skateboard park”
    Kids don’t like parks. They prefer to play in traffic.
    No you say?
    Take a drive threw the town centers today between 3 and 5.

  6. i had the same situation at watchung plaza, over by the train tracks. i turned the corner onto the street and 8-9 skateboarders right in the middle of the road and in no hurry to get out of the way. i assume eventually they’ll learn a lesson the hard way.

  7. “there IS NO SKATEBOARD PARK in town”
    Even if we had a skateboard park, kids would still go on the streets and sidewalks anyway because their mom is not going to drop them off and pick them up everytime they want to play.
    By the time they built it, it would be out of fashion anyway. We’ll be asking for a pogostick park.

  8. The next time a skateboarder doesn’t move out of the street when there is traffic coming both ways, I am going to throw water at them or honk the horn or get out and smack with their damn skateboard!!

  9. Another insane place the skateboarders hang out is in the parking structure that houses The Little Gym on Glenridge Ave. The kids are so utterly oblivious /willifully defiant to the cars coming and going that someone is bound to get hurt.

  10. I am always amazed at the number of kids I see without helmets and or riding in the middle of the streets. The law requires them for anyone under 17 on a bike or board. I know they are kids and it’s not cool, but know what’s not cool? Watching your son, brother, friend die after an accident. If you aren’t trying to make your kid wear a helmet, you are a bad parent. Period.
    Speedy recovery to the boarder and piece of mind to the driver. Accidents happen.

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