Katrina clobbered the Big Easy two years ago today. Here’s your space for remembering fond trips to New Orleans, wishing survivors well, bashing the Bush administration or fretting about global warming.

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  1. I’m a little sick and tired of all the sheep who follow along the bash Bush bandwagon when it comes to hurricane Katrina. Does anyone ever talk about the corrupt and incompetent mayor and governor? They were responsible for the levy’s and having a plan for an emergency. The criminals who took advantage of a horrible situation and ran wild in New Orleans weren’t a big focus either. Finally, hurricane Katrina was just that–A HURRICANE! An act of God. Oh I forgot, you liberals don’t believe in God.

  2. Camilia Grill, Pat O’Briens, Tipitinas, Lunde Gras,Mardi Gras,Commander’s Palace, Lucky Dog’s, St.Charles Street Car,Po’boys, Cooter Browns and of course The Neville Brothers and The Radiators. Please come back, we’re all dry ya’ hear!

  3. oh shove it up your republican asshole. I hope your god gives you cancer of the twat.
    Posted by sleepysleek | August 29, 2007 7:49 PM
    Sounds about right.

  4. I love how sleepysleek refuses to acknowledge any of the points. Liberals are all for acceptance and inclusion -as long as you agree with them. Your disgusting comments just exposes what you are. Be careful, the hateful things you wish on someone often turns on you!

  5. Aren’t there a picture of Bush/Rove/Cheny seeding those clouds……
    I mean, they made the weather, right? So it’s their “fault.”

  6. “Camilia Grill, Pat O’Briens, Tipitinas, Lunde Gras,Mardi Gras,Commander’s Palace, Lucky Dog’s, St.Charles Street Car,Po’boys, Cooter Browns and of course The Neville Brothers and The Radiators.”
    Not to mention: what other American city can you find blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks of the best late 18th and 19th century Shotguns, Victorians, Creole cottages and many more fine examples of architecture (most in their original condition)? This is New Orleans – a national treasure. So visit soon – the tourist areas are up and running; or volunteer your time – the city sure needs it.

  7. Repugnicans seem to be under the illusion that God is only on their side. Keep drinking that Kool-aid while you go about rearranging the deck chairs.

  8. Ok, I’m game for commenting line by line on your post:
    I’m a little sick and tired of all the sheep who follow along the bash Bush bandwagon when it comes to hurricane Katrina.
    Yep, all that “bashing” has nothing to do with the fact that he waited for… how many days… or was it weeks was it before he came down there to even acknowledge this tragedy? Damn those bandwagoners!
    Does anyone ever talk about the corrupt and incompetent mayor and governor? They were responsible for the levy’s and having a plan for an emergency.
    Yes, they are also partly to blame. However, that doesn’t mean the citizens of NO deserved to suffer for their shortcomings and the federal backup plan known as FEMA’s response time was dismal at best.
    The criminals who took advantage of a horrible situation and ran wild in New Orleans weren’t a big focus either.
    Now are you talking about the rapists? I’ll agree that they were not show that often… as the media was kind of busy focusing on all that f’n water. But, if you are talking about all those people who “looted” loaves of bread and other groceries. Well, let’s drop you off in the middle of a natural disaster where you have to wait for a week to get food and water and see how long your noble morality holds out for.
    Finally, hurricane Katrina was just that–A HURRICANE! An act of God.
    Yes… an act of God that we had several days advanced warning of and that took several weeks after which to even begin the recovery effort of. Not the best defense to offer in what’s supposed to be the most advanced country in the world.
    Oh I forgot, you liberals don’t believe in God.
    I believe in God. My opinion of religion in general isn’t all that high. But, that’s mostly due to how people like Bush, the Pope, and Islamic extremists warp, distort, and otherwise bastardize what is supposed to be a beautiful thing.

  9. You gotta love the initial fly-over. Remember? It was like ‘Yup, that’ll do it’.
    Then it was,’Brownie you’re doing a heck of a job’
    Then it was [from the presidential soap box] “What I intend to do is lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong.” (Which is like OJ offering reward money for his wife’s murderer).
    And this prophetic statement:
    “Out of this despair is going to come a vibrant coast. I understand if you’re saying to yourself, ‘Well, it’s hard for me to realize what George W is saying because I’ve seen the rubble and I know what has happened to my neighbors.’ But I’d like to come back down here in about two years and walk your streets and see how vital this part of the world is going to be.”
    Poplarville, Mississippi, Sept 5, 2005

  10. Katrina was a natural disaster. The levee failures were a manmade disaster. The ACOE are to blame for the improper construction and improper maintenance of them.
    The government (local, state AND Federal) is to blame for what happened after the levee failure.

  11. Remember 1800 people died. Over 100,000 people have been displaced. The city is still in ruins and the levies are still substandard.

  12. It’s bad enough his crony became the FEMA director with zero experience, but his lack of action in 2 years is appalling. If anyone is to straighten out the mayor and the governor, it’s the president.
    To add further insult to injury, he has taken the most vacation days out of any president. If there’s a war and terrorism and an unprecedented natural disaster to deal with, does that mean you work LESS?

  13. The Katrina disaster in New Orleans was the result of a very complex series of events. It is simple, and politically useful, for people like Mike to lay the entire blame on the national admilnistration, but it is hardly justified.
    1. Condition of the levees appears to have been primaily the result of local failure to use funds dedicated to that purpose.
    2. It initially appeared that the storm was bypassing N.O. which lead everyone to relax.
    3. Evacuation of the city was botched by local government. Surely evacuation was not a function the national government should be expected to perform.
    4. Bush did not immediately make the customary chief executive photo op appearance at the site. While such appearances seem to be de rigueur they are not the essence of relief and assistance.
    5, The national response with immediate relief supplies and temporary shelter was slower than it should have been but there should be some allowance for the problems presented by the magnitude of the disaster. However the damage has already occured due to 1 to 3 above.

  14. The levies, laserboy, are never “substandard.” In fact, the WSJ has an interesting article today about the topic of property tax bills in New Orleans.
    The levees, however, may be so. Even as crime continues to rise in New Orleans. Which in turn hints at the moral crisis (including an outlandish annual nurder rate) that’s existed in the “city that care forgot” for, oh, let’s see, decades of Democratic administration there.
    And becky, presidential success is not determined by the number of vacation days a President takes or does not use. FDR, for example, spent much of WWII in Warm Springs, and I’ll bet you think the republic was well governed during the Clinton years from Martha’s Vineyard.
    Besides, no President is ever simply “on vacation.” The job really does follow him. We should not then begrudge our Chief Executives the chance to get out of the White House occasionally. Why, it might have been better for this country if Clinton had gotten out of the Oval Office more, hadn’t, say, seen so much there of intern Lewinsky.

  15. Spectator,
    I never said the Admin / Federal government was entirely to blame, just that they dropped the ball in a huge way on the things they could have done / were responsible for. I think the bickering between Nagen, the Congresswoman, and the FEMA people was reprehensible and that mostly everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. The only people I don’t hold at fault for what happened in New Orleans are the majority of citizens who were affected by this horrible event and only crime is “looting” some food and the brave police officers, firefighters, and EMTs who stayed behind at the cost of their own safety.
    My post above was made in direct response to “johnnys girl’s” statement that criticisms of the Bush administration’s handling of their part in this was unfounded.
    I’d be willing to concede (to a point) that points 1 and 2 of your argument do fall more on the local government, but as far as point 3 is concerned: Evacuation has historically fallen on both local government and National Guard, Coast Guard, Army Reserve, etc. FEMA totally screwed up in getting this effort together and I do feel a better coordinated effort could have been achieved and as the president is technically the highest ranking person in the military (and since FEMA is part of the Federal government), I’d say they are at least partly responsible for that.
    4. For once, Bush didn’t opt for the easy photo-op and it is probably the one time he should have. If he had actually seen what these people were going through, maybe he would have been quicker to mobilize/dedicated more troops to the recovery instead of the slow and lack luster start you mentioned in point 5.

  16. The army core of engineers are responsible for the flawed design of the levees, not the local government. The destruction of New Orleans was caused by the failure of the levees. Therefore it is the federal government’s failure. The problem of response time by FEMA was inexcusable, but ultimately The Army Corps of Engineers deserve the brunt of the blame.

  17. Gee, laserlad, you are in a surly (but “traditional” for you) sort of mood this morning.
    What’s the matter, mikey, success of the surge got your tongue? Milk of human kindness curdling in your tummy again?

  18. cathar, do you think 425 vacation days is an ‘occasional’ change of scenery? He’s also first or second in number of consecutive days away from the White House — five weeks straight. He also took the most vacation time in his first year of presidency than previous presidents. Who knows what he’s doing on that ranch??
    spectator, it’s not so much what happened two years ago that is the problem, it’s what has NOT happened since then. Don’t you think Bush bears at least some of the responsibility?

  19. Folks who like to offer up post-facto jeremiads about New Orleans, as above, might be better advised to take a long, hard look NOW at the dangerously overbuilt barrier islands that constitute the Jersey shore.
    The seawall at Sea Bright, for example, isn’t any good even in a nor’easter, so imagine how it’s going to work come a hurricane. And so much of the permit-granting and environmental approvals for all this overbuilding occurred during Democratic administrations in this very state. (Laserfellow, does that get your lederhosen in a twist?)

  20. “And so much of the permit-granting and environmental approvals for all this overbuilding occurred during Democratic administrations in this very state.”
    Gee, why does this NOT surprise me?

  21. Becky, again, they are not necessarily “vacation” days. Whether they occur in Crawford, Kennebunkport or Martha’s Vineyard. And that President Bush may have taken 5 weeks straight away from the Oval Office (thus lessening his chances of dalliance with an intern, I’ll note again) merely puts him right in the stream of that nation most admired by our last Democratic Presidential candidate, John Kerry. But in France, the actual vacation time is usually 6 weeks, not just 5. Chirac took every last one of those days every year, too, usually with mis mistress by his side. (While Sarkozy at least had the good grace to visit us for a while.)

  22. i don’t think people would be as upset with Bush’s vacation time if he actually appeared to be working while at the office. You know, leading, fixing, anticipating, improving, delving into issues.

  23. That part, Easy Rider, is surely a issue of differing perspectives. I never personally noticed waves of either great leadership or statesmansip emanating from off the Massachusetts coast during the Clinton years, but perhaps you did.
    Luckily for us both, however, Iraq is a “stationary,” 24/7 kind of thing. As is, so to speak, the war in terror which always gets laserlad to pitching and huffing so.

  24. success of the surge got your tongue?
    That’s pretty open to debate, cathar. Clearly the Government Accountability Office doesn’t seem to think so. link
    I guess we’ll have to wait for the full report to be released after the Pentagon’s input is taken into consideration. But the initial report was that they had missed 13 of the 18 goals that Iraq was supposed to be able to achieve with the help of the surge.

  25. Pt 2 about the storm bypassing New Orleans is BS.
    As soon as Katrina crossed back over Florida, people were looking at New Orleans as a potential direct hit.

  26. Cathar, where do you get your information… the dark side of the moon?
    The levees were and are substandard. You would know that if you turn on a TV for pete’s sake. And TV news isn’t worth the electrons they are transmitted on.

  27. laser – i think you mean the height of the levees are not sufficient to guard against a category 5 storm. However the way you phrased the tv comment does not make much sense. It seems cathar likes to read more than watch tv, a habit more young kids should emulate.

  28. What everyone should really be talking about is:
    4 Years after September 11th, how could the government (Federal, State and Local) and agencies like DOT, FEMA, Homeland Security etc etc etc, not have proper evacuation and disaster relief plans in place for all cities in case of natural or man-made disasters?

  29. “The Dunkirk evacuation, codenamed Operation Dynamo by the British, was the large evacuation of Allied soldiers from May 26 to June 4, 1940, during the Battle of Dunkirk. ”
    “In nine days, more than three hundred thousand (338,226) soldiers ‚Äî 218,226 British and 120,000 French ‚Äî were rescued from Dunkirk, France and the surrounding beaches by a hastily assembled fleet of about seven hundred boats.”

  30. Bingo, Shitalker. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
    Not to compare the two at all, but I saw the same thing in NYC during the major power blackout a couple of years ago. Total bedlam. Nobody had a clue where to go, what to do.
    You’d think after 9-11 that NYC would have a plan in place. I’d bet the farm that they still don’t.

  31. cathar, if I lived in France, I would be able to take a month off — but I don’t, so I can’t. The reason Bush is making news with his vacation time (and yes, I would consider biking, hiking, hunting, etc. vacation activities) is because it is above and beyond what is normal for an American President.

  32. MM-
    Agreed. And as for the commuting population, the exodus from Manhattan was much more civilized on September 11th than what was witnessed the day of the Blackout.

  33. That cathar resorts to comparing Bush to French presidents speaks eloquently to the case against him.
    Oh, and if there’s a Nazi on this thread, it’d be laserboy.

  34. Becky, who is to decide what is “normal” for an American, or French for that matter, President to do whilst on vacation? You? Me? Hillary? The important thing is to remember that the apparatus of government always trails after him, it doesn’t just go away and sit in a corner while the Pres surfs, hunts or even ignores the vixen next to him in bed. And if you lived in France, becky, you’d be able to take AT LEAST a month off.
    Walleroo, firstly I will thank you for properly tagging our own local would-be equivalent to Goebbels for what he is. Secondly, while I will not miss Chirac (and have never missed DeGaulle or Giscard D’Estaing), I like Sarkozy so far. Someone who rattles the sabres of his chasseurs at Iraq is just jake with me.

  35. And mikeychild, what the devil are you on to with the stuff about Dunkirk? Have you ever even read anything other than in Wikipedia about it? It was a disaster (although it did spawn Paul Gallico’s wonderful novel “The Snow Goose”), distinguished more by screw-ups from the German side (thank God!) than by successful British planning.
    It is not at all equivalent, however, in despair to your own nightly lonely retirement from your home data center to your bed. Nor, to continue in a Gallic mode, was Dunkirk ever the cock-up the retreat of the “Grande Armee” proved from Moscow.
    Oh, and laserboy, you’ve really got to read your own posts more closely. You did write “levies” originally, and the term refers to either taxes or musters of troops. Have you no sense of humor to match your looniness?

  36. Anyone heard from Daniella? She had just started posting here (and on her own blog) after moving up from Nawlins. Her grandmother, I believe, had to be evacuated and Daniella didn’t hear anything for the longest time. I think I recall Grandma turning up in an evacuation shelter in Arkanas, or somewhere near there. Just curious — she was pretty distraught with the lack of communication.

  37. If the British could evacuate 300,000 soldiers while at war why couldn’t the United States government do the same with todays technology and all the federal governments resources available?
    You refuse to understand or admit that what happened in N.O. was inexcusable. There is no doubt that you are either an idiot, a liar, or both.

  38. If the British could evacuate 300,000 soldiers while at war why couldn’t the United States government do the same at New Orleans with todays technology and all the federal governments resources available?
    You refuse to understand or admit that what happened in N.O. was inexcusable. There is no doubt that you are either an idiot, a liar, or both.

  39. Re: Daniella
    Last I heard, she and her family were doing fine. She and her husband bought a house in Essex County and they just had their first child–a girl–a few months ago.

  40. Laserboy, do you even understand what the situation was like at Dunkirk. The entire BEF, along with French troops, was huddled along a narrow strip of beach. And Britain was able to mobilize a mighty sum total of ships to take them off that strand. But most European nations combined today can’t assemble anything similar. The situation is in no bloody way analogous to New Orleans. In fact, as I recall the Brits were only too happy to be lifted off that strip of beach, while in N.O. citizens resisted wildly the very idea of evacuation. Really, mikeychum, you’ve got to do something to alleviate that steam that always comes out from your ears. And about your blood pressure.
    You also somehow see hurricanes as “inexcusable.” (Do you also believe Jesse Jackson’s ridiculous claim in Katrina’s aftermath that local residents were eating the dead by way of sustenance?) I see them as, sadly, unpreventable. Though if you’d like to stand directly in one, mikey, and, Canute-like, command it to “STOP!,” I’m sure the folks down in someplace like St. Lucia or Jamaica will welcome your addled pate with open arms. So you go, laserboy!

  41. Someone else want to take a stab at the this because I don’t know where to start.
    To suggest that the people of New Orleans “resisted wildly” being saved is truly hateful.
    Don’t blame the hurricane for substandard levees. Don’t blame the hurricane for not evacuating the people of New Orleans after the hurricane left. It’s one lame heartless excuse after that other with you.
    If you can evacuate 300,000 soldiers from Dunkirk you can evacuate New Orleans. The federal government had all the time, knowledge, and resources from preventing all those people dieing and they did nothing.

  42. Laserboy, I realize you specialize in constant Elmer Fudd-like outrage. But it helps if you know what you’re talking about and, even more importantly, that you can reason passably.
    But you’re never terribly well-informed and nothing you offer up on this site suggests you’ve even genuinely reached the age of reason, let alone can reason.
    So you fume. Especially you fume that everything is a Republican plot. Amazingly, however, after all these recent years of a Republican Presidential administration, you haven’t keeled over from a heart attack. I suggest you cherish that but don’t push your luck. Fortune traditionally favors the brave, mikeylad, not the very, very, very stupid.
    And I don’t know what kindled this obsessive comparison with Dunkirk, but it’s just not valid. Did you find this comparison on The Huffington Post? “The Nation’s” web site? Anyway, somewhere where the unremittingly hostile to Bush gather.
    But that still doesn’t make it so, and said comparison was definitely put forth by someone with zilch genuine appreciation for the nuances of history.
    Which brings me back to you, laserchum. You are utterly without nuance or, as far as I can tell, saving graces of any kind. This leaves you as an unregenerate boob, dumb-dumb and proud of it. Allow me anyway to recommend to you the books of either Len Deighton or Julian Jackson, both have written very good looks at the campaign by the BEF and its Gallic allies that led to the French surrender in 1940.
    And by the way, you lovable lug of a tete de merde, it’s also really, en Francais, “Dunkerque.”

  43. The administration demonstrated a sick combination of incompetence and hate filled indifference and you have acted the same way here.

  44. HidingIn…., I didn’t realize they taught French in the women’s prison where you did frequent bouts of time for solicitation. Or. golly gee do I mean where you mother did time and you were born and spent your formative years?
    Whichever, I’m sure your command of the Gallic vernacular does not come from a close reading of Jean Genet. But whenever I hear the chorus of the old pop hit “Dominique” in the future (with its chorus of “Dominique-nique-nique-nique”) I shall of course think of you gleefully servicing “Dominic the Christmas Donkey” as in the old Lou Monte seasonal song. You bray, girl.

  45. Lasermikey…do u really think the President of the US and his administration acted in hateful indifference toward the people of New Orleans? You are so filled with hate for Bush that it has affected whatever moral compass you used to have.

  46. I see cathar, ALL women are either whores or saints to you. I’m sure that you’ve paid for sex all of your adult life and continue to do so.
    Ah, wasn’t Mary Magdeline (Christ’s wife) a whore! I guess I’m in GREAT company!
    cathar,le chauve à col roulé.

  47. That you get your theology from “The Da Vinci Code” and your command of French from stints (post-natal or otherwise) in the can, neither much surprises me, HidingIn. That your own services probably cost no more than a sou (depending on whether the gerbil and your teeth are included) just indicates how little you’ve learned over the decades. Plus ca change and all that……
    And mikey, you have such strange defenders. Have you considered trying toi make a friend here?

  48. “Have you considered trying toi make a friend here?”
    is that the new slang?
    laser don’t debase yourself by agreeing to be “made” his friend. I’m sure that it’s something that you would not find enjoyable as he’d probably have you wear a hair-shirt and crown of thorns as he begged you to squeeze it.

  49. Actually, your truly dopey Hidingness, I was suggesting YOU and mikey be chums. A donkey of sorts and a horse’s ass “connecting.” Sounds like the perfect match. (But you’ll probably have to teach mikey “French.”)

  50. I will remember this day, Cathar falling at Dunkirk. The Dunkirk to New Orleans analogy works smashingly.
    Surge didn’t work either. I told you so.

  51. I’m sure that Laser would rather be taught French than Greek which is what you offered him.
    We know you loved the Columbia lockeroom football boy and would like to be there again. I heard that you were sited by the refs for your continual backfield in motion plays.
    va te faire foutre, cathar!

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