Sports cognoscenti may be trying to crystal-ball Strahan’s decision, but the Giants aren’t holding their breath, and Strahan’s Southern California fence-sitting is getting old. From The NY Daily News:

On Tuesday morning, according to the Giants, Strahan told Giants GM Jerry Reese he planned to make his decision “within the next day or two,” which makes today Decision Day. A source close to Strahan insisted he may not follow that promised timetable. One indication that he’s not close to returning is that he has reportedly canceled a scheduled appearance to be on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” tomorrow night.

Baristaville, what’s your guess?

15 replies on “Michael Strahan Back On The Field?”

  1. Mike,
    Do us a favor and retire. We’ll be better off without you and it will let Justin Tuck mature into the starter.

  2. iceman,
    i wish he would do us all a favor and just retire. we had enough of a media circus last year with ‘tv barber’….

  3. I think the Giants will be fine without Strahan and Barber so long as another dozen or so NFL teams lose their starting QBs to career ending charges ala Michael Vick.
    Unless that happens, I’m looking forward to a very bad year from Big Blue… Well, not “looking forward”, but it’s what I’m expecting.

  4. It doesn’t look pretty for this year and I think it’s his last year in the NFL. I’d like to see him come back and finish it out as a Giant.

  5. If Strahan does return at this point, the loss of respect for both Coughlin and team management in general re the daily fines that’d probably then be “forgiven” would be devastating.
    Strahan should also never imagine himself equivalent to Coriolanus.
    Probably best to view this as but a blah year (and the year after this one as a “rebuilding” year), and to expect in turn that Tom Coughlin will not be with us as coach next season.

  6. “Tom Coughlin will not be with us as coach next season” – from your mouth to the ears of Mara and Tisch

  7. Really there, SSP, if you honestly think Coughlin can survive with anything less than at least one win in the playoffs this season (not just making the playoffs), then I recommend you start hanging out with lasermikey.

  8. I doubt that anything less than the AFC Championship would do it. Never liked the guy, with the Giants or otherwise.

  9. Well, having just watched the Giants game, it’s hard to know if they even have a chance at the NFC championship (let alone the AFC one, SSP). All I can figure is that other teams in the Giants’ division may be equally fairish at best, that they all may thus prove fiercely competitive against each other.
    But Rutgers certainly looked vicious enough tonight running roughshod over a very outclassed Buffalo team. Still, Buffalo is not either WV or Louisville….

  10. cathar,
    as you know, the object of last night’s game was no injuries. eli looks more accurate this year this preseason but i’ll hold judgement till our first game against the hated ‘cowgirls’.
    Roar, Lion, Roar

  11. oops, yes NFC. I’d just been talking smack to my friend who is a JETS fan. He was claiming they would make the AFC championship. I found that funny.
    Rutgers looked great but they should beat Buffalo. The score was convincing though. I’m trying to remain calm.

  12. Ice, and State Street, I have a website for you both if you’re really that interested in what they call there “College D-I FCS” (for “Football Championship Series”) ball. It’s, they send out regular, free and lengthy e-newsletters and it is truly for the fans of Yale, Columbia, Fordhham, UMass, Delaware, North Dakota State, William & Mary,etc. Amazing, detailed stuff here, seemingly beyond mere “interest” and well into obsession.

  13. As long as Strahan does not re-appear with Bob Russo on a ticket for the next Montclair municipal election, I don’t give a damn what he does. Well, I actually wish he and several other stupid ghetto guy athletes would totally go away.

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