For the “Sangria Files:” Cuban Pete’s owner, Dominick Restaino, was indicted yesterday for illegal liquor sales at his Bloomfield Avenue restaurant. The restaurant was raided last December, after ABC and police investigations alleged the alcohol content of the boiled wine used for sangria was over the legal limit. Restaino’s been charged with charged with distributing/selling alcohol without a license, possession of alcohol with intent to distribute without a license and distribution of alcohol. From The Star Ledger:

The ABC asked the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office to make the grand jury presentation, Lori quet said. If convicted of all three charges, Restaino faces a maxi mum punishment of three years in prison.
Restaino did not return a call for comment yesterday. But after he was booked by police in December, he blamed his problems on bar owners who were upset with him and local politics.

Last week at Cuban Pete’s, Dominick seemed unusually subdued. Beautiful pitchers of exotic fruit concoctions (BYO wine to make sangria) and mojitos with a teeny bit of alcohol seemed to be very popular with the clientele.

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  1. Mojito Madness:
    2 oz. Premium light rum (or Cachaça, if you really want to get naked early)
    6 oz. Schweppes club soda
    12 fresh mint leaves
    1 small lime, cut into 6 pieces
    1/2 oz. granulated sugar
    (or 1 oz. simple syrup)
    Put mint, sugar/syrup and lime pieces in a very tall glass; muddle with a wooden pestle or a small wooden spoon until ingredients are smooshed (you will be soon).
    Add cracked ice cubes and fill to the top with club soda. Garnish with a spring of mint, a slice of lime, or a thin slice of green apple. Or, all of the above.
    Sit back and enjoy the revolution. ¬°Arriba!

  2. Oh. I forgot. Add the rum/Cacha√ßa before adding the soda. Good Lord, I am losing it. So much for the vodka on the Corn Flakes…

  3. Conan, thank you for the recipe. So far this summer I hae confined myself to making caparainhas with the cachaca, but this weekend mojitos it will be.
    Iceman, when I was in Prague I really did often see workmen having beers with their morning pastries. Have you considered emigration to a more understanding land?

  4. beers and pastry…methinks that I may have to visit Prague…seems they understand the makings of a gourmet meal.
    “Barkeep, keep those pabst comin’ and I’ll have another pickled egg”

  5. In Prague you can drink Budweiser. The real one. Budějovick√Ω Budvar.
    Cheers! The Grammarian is putting down his red pen, having a 1-martini lunch, and starting his three-day weekend NOW!

  6. Conan,
    Yummm! Is it too early to start the mojito mixing now? Your beverage selections are always so inspiring! Don’t hold back on the rest of your recipes!!!

  7. Thank you, dear Annette. Perhaps at the next Barista Bash I will bring some of my award-winning and copyrighted Bloody Mary mix. (You’ll bring the vodka, of course.) [:>)]

  8. Good lord, Conan. I’d need to be scraped off the floor after a few sips of that. But boy, does it sound delicious.

  9. What good cheer! It makes me wish I wasn’t too busy to check in yesterday. I guess nobody is too broken up by Dominick’s plight–we sip mojitos as he sails down the river.
    Happy Labor Day to y’all. I for one will spend it at Yankees stadium, watching The Rocket bring glory (or ignominy) on the Bombers.

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