A man who threatened to “shoot all the white people on campus…and rape all the black women” at the MSU campus has been arrested and criminally charged for making terroristic threats.
Chief Paul M. Cell says his arrest came about after receiving several tips from the public when they issued an alert last Friday. At first, MSU police said in the same alert the man’s threats did not appear to be a credible or present a danger to the community. University police did not reveal the man’s identity, but say he was a visitor to the campus.

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  1. Annette, Liz, Debbie….
    We need a place to rant about the historic collapse of our beloved NY Mets. Help me…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.
    I’m going to open up my window…stick out my head and yell…”I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”
    Free the Shea 9

  2. Although I thought that via a prior thread it had been scientifically “proven” that this guy couldn’t have even existed, let alone said the things he’s supposed to have said at the Red Hawk Diner, he at least sounds like an equal opportunity offender of sorts. Who offers, so to speak, something for everybody!
    So perhaps guido santa and many others will join me when I write, “Free the Red Hawk One!”
    (And do they serve booze at the diner? Because what this guy’s been accused of certainly sound slike stuff a rummy utters while in his cups….)

  3. Iceman, you are so negative and defeatist even though the Mets still share the division lead. Are you sure you are not a Philadelphia sports fan?
    Go Phillies!!!!!

  4. And Iceman, there are 3 games left. This time, you really, really, really, really gotta believe.
    (But this utter collapse of course occurred while you were off cavorting at a dinosaur concert of a group whose members haven’t even recorded together in many years. Was seeing Genesis worth it?)

  5. Spicoli,
    Don’t mean to drag you down it’s just that lots of us Met fans seem to be cynical. I’ll be watching and rooting tonight. And nobody ‘hates’ Philly teams more than me!
    Cathar…It was a fun night of escapism. Phil is a fantastic drummer. Not really one of my fav bands but friends got me tix and it was better than staying at home. Just got a cd…Eric Burdon and War sing Memphis Slim…now that is blues at its best. Also got Boz Scaggs live…2 cd set…loan me a dime is killer.

  6. Wouldn’t original recordings by Memphis Slim have been closer to the idea of “blues at its best, Iceman?
    But no, the concert was probably not better than staying at home. This is no time to be just “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots,” to borrow from Tom Paine. We have to both believe and watch.

  7. I share your despair, Iceman. That a team of professionals can just come undone like that is startling. I am hoping for a subway series this year. I have to say, though, I can’t understand this business about like either the Mets or the Yankees. Aren’t they both the hometeam? Can’t we root for both? Until they play each other, of course… Try it, Ice. Life would be so much better.

  8. Spicoli, you miserable sloth, I can abide your ranting and name calling when it comes to cathar, but rooting publicly for the Phillies…? There’s a name for that: treason.

  9. Aren’t they both the hometeam? Can’t we root for both? Until they play each other, of course…
    That’s what has made me an October Yankees fan more often than I would otherwise prefer!

  10. Walleroo, there is the Bronx, housing the Yankees’ ballpark even if their spirits clearly hearken to a Manhattan sensibility. And there is Queens and the lunchpail kind of guys who seem to populate the Mets (even if Willie Randolph’s own daughter just graduated from Fordham in the Bronx).
    So just pick ONE borough to root for. (Queensland over New South Wales, so to speak, going back to your marsupial roots.) Do not try to root for both teams, it only smacks further of your known roiling desperation to be liked by everybody.

  11. I’m a Yankee fan but I still root for the Mets, especially now that Willie is at the helm. Their run last year was exciting and I will root for them again this year, up to, but not including the series.
    I’m pumped for hockey season as well, but I hoping I don’t have a reason to watch until sometime in early November.

  12. Walleroo
    Rooting for the Phillies is not treason. It’s masochism. We have 10,027 losses to prove it. And I can’t help it. I was born this way.

  13. Too much hijacking here…
    Anyways, he got what he deserved. You can’t say inappropriate things like this, especially on or near a college campus. They never learn…

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