Baristaville hot women: are you busy Sunday night? Soprano Sue sends us this Craigs List casting call for a woman with a great figure, who’s not shy about showing it off…

Seeking girl for nude scene in a drama series
We’re in search of a young actress/model (18-25) who is willing to ‘bare all’ in a 10 – 15 second segment in a current drama series in production. This is NOT a love scene and there is absolutely no physical contact whatsoever. This is an exterior shot in front of a house in Montclair, NJ that will be on a closed set with minimal crew present. It will also be shot at night.

This is a paid part and will take about an hour or so. We’re looking to shoot this Sunday night in Montclair. Transportation, food, etc. will all be taken care of.
Again, we’re looking for an 18-25 year old girl in very good shape for this part.
VERY serious inquiries only. Please e-mail if interested in a meeting… Compensation: $300 min. for the hour

All the details here. And tip the Baristas if you know who gets the part…

7 replies on “Birthday Suit Casting Call”

  1. …closed set with minimal crew present. It will also be shot at night…
    And then put on TV… which is only one itsy-bitsy step away from then being on the internet in glorious “freeze frame” posterity.
    But, there will only be a minimal crew present at the shoot.

  2. Right up at the head (masthead?) of the webpage for Baristanet is a fine advert for TV Kids — break into the business, etc. etc. Surely one of these aspiring starlets would be willing to moon Montclair in hopes of moving on to stardom?

  3. Why would they possibly want a young woman to walk around naked in a Montclair front yard at night? I’m trying to think of what the plot that would include that would be.
    Also, why do they think it would be more comfortable for said naked woman at night? I’d say in the dark with spotlights would call waaaay more attention to your public nudity. Everybody’d be able to see you (and pretty much only you) from like a block away!
    Also, is this really legal here?
    I wish I was in “really good shape” though… I’d take the $300. Sadly, I feel certain they’re looking for a woman who goes to the gym once or twice a month, at least.

  4. Another thought:
    Couldn’t they have filmed this a couple of months ago? Or shelf this episode til next summer? ’cause seriously… it’s been down in the 40s at night lately!

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