The Glen Ridge Free Public Library will be moving to the basement of the Women’s Club starting in November, while its building gets a $1.2 million facelift. Some of the collection will move, but much will go in storage.

We expect to offer a scaled down version of our collection that will include selections from our Children’s Collection, best sellers, periodicals, videos and Reference collection. Additionally, we plan to have our Historical Collection available on a limited basis as we need to digitize and reorganize this vital community resource. The rest of our collection will be boxed and stored at an alternative location as will most of our furniture.

The good news is that the library still plans to offer BCCLS pickups at the temporary location, which will allow Ridgers access to the resources of 73 other north Jersey libraries, ordered from the comfort of home, during the dislocation.
The library does ask parents who use the library as a free aftercare space to find other places for their kids to hang out after school during th renovation.

One reply on “Library Dislocation”

  1. No one uses the library as free aftercare. We use it as a SAFE place for our older child to wait for a pickup while we are getting the younger one from Linden or Forest. How is one parent expected to be at two schools at the same time?
    Of course we can send the older child to Ridgewood’s aftercare program for the fifteen minute wait for a mere $320 a month.

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