From Lt. James Carlucci, MPD:
Montclair Resident Bryan Foster, age 19, has been arrested and charged with burglary and criminal trespass.
On September 25, at approximately 1:30 am, a resident called police to report a man trying to break into his car.
The witness was on his front porch when he heard a clicking noise coming from his driveway, then saw the interior light of his vehicle turn on. When he saw the suspect, the witness told the man to get away from his vehicle. The suspect replied, “Alright, alright,” and began walking south on Montclair Avenue near McDonough Street.

The witness described the suspect as a white male with long bushy hair, 5’9″-6’0″ wearing a white shirt and a white ball cap on backwards.
Soon after, officers learned a possible suspect was detained on Fairfield Street. Foster was detained by police after he was found to match the description and then positively identified by the witness as the person attempting to enter his vehicle. Foster was placed under arrest; bail was set at $10,000 bond/ $1,000 cash.

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  1. Good! I hate people who steal cars. They wreck them & destroy them and you never get your true “due” from the laughable insurance companies.
    2 Punks tried to steal my wife’s Cherokee. The busted up the key locks and the car fought back, and would not let them in.
    2 key locks
    body damage (dents) to both sheet metal surfaces around the key holes. Dent Dr. got them both out w/out body work or paint work, locks replaced, but ever since have had trouble with the remote key entry and it’s relationship to actully opening & locking. Because they failed at stealing it, they slashed the tire.
    I’d enjoy busting their heads.
    The “insurance Co” paid like 35% of the honest real cost to make it new again.
    To them is also coming a big “thanks”

  2. I agree. We had a car stolen from the train station parking lot. We ended up taking a car service home and left the car overnight. I guess like a scantly dressed woman in a bar we were just “asking for it.”
    By the time we drove down at breakfast time the next morning the car had been stolen, been dragged raced (yep, you guessed it to Newark) and wrapped around the tree. Our little thief took a flying lead through the windshield and unfortunately survived. The police picked him up at the hospital. They just waited for him there, as with the amount of damage, they knew he’d be there before the end of the night.
    He was 14 years old.
    It was his third, maybe 4th arrest for car stealing. Now there’s a kid a mom can be proud of. Just like Bryan’s mom.
    Of course we ate all the fees and deductables and assorted other stuff and we were not given enough money to cover the cost of a new car. I voted to sue Mr. Drag Racer and whomever spawned him. Like yin and yang, my better half opted not to.

  3. Go to AutoZone on Blmfd Ave, next to the Rite-Aid. Purchase for under fifty bucks a LAWMAN BRAKE CLUB. There are 3 models, buy the most expensive one.
    Use it. Put the shower cap type of steering wheel cover on to “announce it” and put on the brake club. It’s the one device that cannot be defeated. It time, it will wear a hole the size of a dime in your car’s carpet, but nobody can see it, as it will be behind the brake pedal.
    Steering wheel clubs can be removed (still in the locked posistion) in 20 seconds. The brake club cannot.

  4. The brief description does not suggest that harm was done to the car or even that the theft of the car was an issue. Things are rarely as simple as they seem.
    Being the victim of a cirme is not fun (I have been there), but don’t be so quick to make a judgement.

  5. Things are rarely as simple as they seem.
    Yeah, this kid may have just been on his way home from one of those “supervised” drinking parties after having 2 or 3 too many, saw this guy’s car, mistook it for the cop car he saw his skateboard disappear into (after only 1 warning!), and decided to get it back.
    It was only after getting into the car and having the owner yell at him that he realized the cops in town drive Chargers, not whatever this guy owns, and went on his way only to be unfairly arrested later in the night.

  6. hello montclair… this is bryan foster in the flesh and all i have to say is that this entire incident is complete bullshit. i walked outside of my house to smoke a cigarette and i walked up to watchung plaza on my street and back. when i got back to my house there were police their and 5 police cars swarmed around me like a bee hive. i honestly did nothing wrong (unless you consider smoking a cigarette outside wrong). i can understand why the police would think it was me considering my timing… but i truly did not do anything. if i did would i be casually walking on my street smoking a cigarette??? the answer is no. i can’t wait to go to court on october 4th so that the judge can see that my finger prints were not on the car and i did nothing. they falsely arrested me and i now have to deal with all of this bullshit. they locked me up until 3pm the next day and i missed all my college classes for that day. i also had to deal with officers saying things like “i will break your face on the concrete in front of your sister.” i can’t wait until you all see that i didn’t do anything. thanks for your time.

  7. I find it outrageous that Lt. James Carlucci had the nerve to even submit this story to the Montclair Times and Baristanet before Bryan has had the chance to prove his innocence in court. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? I find this particularly outrageous in a case with such shaky grounds. On the evening Bryan was arrested, I, Bryan’s sister, was awoken to the scene of my brother’s arrest taking place on our front lawn. The officers on the scene told me all-too-casually that a man had reported seeing a young white male in a white t-shirt and backward baseball cap breaking into his car. I looked up at my brother, wearing a loud-print blue and yellow t-shirt and no baseball cap at all and asked them in what way he fit the description of the suspect. The officers replied: “We’ve searched the whole town. People aren’t even out in the areas where they usually are out. He’s the only one out.” That hardly qualifies as hard evidence for me.
    What’s even more shocking is the egregious lack of professionalism on the part of one of the officers on the scene. The same creep who informed my brother that he would “bash his f**cking face into the concrete right in front of his sister” as I stood less than ten feet away, later taunted my brother as he was held over night, saying “you’re a b***ch” repeatedly in an attempt to antagonize him.
    If the cops in this town thought they were signing on for an exciting beat, they’re in for a rude awakening. Creating excitement for themselves at the expense of innocent civilians is unacceptable and is an embarassment to the entire town.

  8. It’s a matter of public record- and we, the public are entitled to know about it!
    If the arrest is unwarranted and they behaved unprofessionally, you can report it to the proper authorities.

  9. The Montclair Police Department is full of cops so accurately portrayed by BF’s sister. I hope you embarrass the shit out of “Montclair’s Finest” who as far as I’ve seen, are only good for talking on their cell phones while driving, intimidating teenagers and waiting in line at the deli. What good has come out of all these new cops and they’re big scary chargers? Bryan Foster – not guilty.

  10. Since when is a 19 year old referred to as a “teen”? A 16 year old is a teenager. An 18 year old is an adult. Albeit a young adult. Can we please stop calling 18 and 19 year olds teenagers?

  11. Well, technically, they are, even though 18 is considered an adult. Eight-teen, nine-teen, get it?

  12. The best car theft device? Drive stick.
    I used to work at the VA in East Orange, where they used to lose 15 cars a week from the lot. The security guards told me the club and all other devices were worthless, but the fact that my car was a stick was key.
    14 year old kids can’t drive stick.

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