Montclair’s Harvey Araton muses about the Yanks and Girardi here.

To quote an esteemed neighbor of mine in Montclair, N.J., it’s like déjà vu all over again. We have no way of knowing when the Yankees will return to the World Series, but who would deny that they are back to having a very public owner who believes it is all about him and his team?

Oh, the uncertainty. Makes me glad I’m a Mets fan.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

7 replies on “Damn Yankees!”

  1. Seems to be the consensus that Scott Boras is a world-class a**hole. He had to apoligize (it doesn’t count when you apologize because you have to) to the Commish et alia for stepping on the Red Sox moment of victory with his press release that A-Rod was going to be a free agent. Perhaps, as I suggested a week or so earlier, Boras has a future with the Yankees. Of course by now, he could probably afford to buy them (with a little leverage). But then he would have to negotiate with himself, which sounds to me like a sure-fire recipe for implosion.

  2. I agree, the timing of that A-Rod release was totally inappropriate. I am glad he will be moving on, I really think he brings the whole team down with his antics.
    The Yankees will make all these other changes besides Torre, and then if they win the World Series in the next few years, they’ll say it was due to a change in manager. They should have made those other changes and kept Torre.

  3. Becky,
    Its now all about the Mets…its our town. The Yankee dynasty (as they call it) is finally over and the Met reign begins.

  4. What in the world are you 2 smoking?Yankees over ? Not in your life time. And for the mets they won,t win another world series in my lifetime.

  5. See, that’s the Yankees’ problem — and the fans as well. You don’t know how to deal with not winning the World Series every year. It’s become expected. Doesn’t sound like much fun. Mets fans don’t expect anything, so when something good happens, we’re happy. To assume that the Yankess will win, and that the Mets will not win in your LIFETIME, it’s a bit extreme, no? (that is, unless you’re 100 years old).

  6. unless you’re 100 years old
    Well, evidence does suggest that Very interesting was born before the apostrophe was invented.
    (If you don,t know what I mean, you haven,t been reading VI,s posts much)

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