It’s not open yet, but here’s where the new Starbucks will be located downtown at The Siena in Montclair.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

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  1. I’ll continue to shop at Beans, on Church Street, for my coffee beans. I don’t think Starbucks will have the variety and quality that Beans does.

  2. Blackberry insists that I get my coffee at Cafe Eclectic. She thinks that Bruno is the cutest barista in Baristaville.

  3. Mikeypal, I’m positive that, whatever the quality of the cafes in Montclair, you’re quite overcaffeinated already.

  4. I will also continue to shop at Beans. Starbucks stale, bitter coffee (often) cannot match Beans consistent quality.
    I find the food in Montclair, rather mediocre. A lot is hype and image. Advertising works.

  5. I will also continue to shop at Beans. Starbucks stale, bitter coffee (often) cannot match Beans consistent quality.
    I find the food in Montclair, rather mediocre. A lot is hype and image. Advertising works.

  6. I will also continue to shop at Beans. Starbucks stale, bitter coffee (often) cannot match Beans consistent quality.
    I find the food in Montclair, rather mediocre. A lot is hype and image. Advertising works.

  7. Call me crazy, but Starbucks (burnt) coffee doesn’t even compare to good ol’ Dunkin’ Donuts (despite Rachel Ray). (No barista there, just someone who gets your coffee).

  8. Oh, hell. You people are complaining about another Starbucks. Bet you don’t have as many of them as we have Dunkin Donuts in Bloomfield!

  9. obviously what we Need, is a drive-thru Starbucks, preferably located right in that dandy new strip-mall that’s been slated for the former Montclair-Bloomfield Ford site.
    Then, to make it benefit Montclair… put in a toll at the entrance to the driveup!
    Bwa haa haa!

  10. The Starbucks in the Whole Foods is going to close when this one opens, it isn’t even on the website anymore.
    However, the Starbucks that’s supposed to go in next to the Bottle King is back on the website and not even on the coming soon anymore!

  11. yuck, can’t drink Starbucks swill. Love the DD and the Bean’s and I don’t need to learn another language to order there.

  12. I think a lot of people drink Starbucks for the status of the cup alone. DD is too “blue collar” and Beans doesn’t have a strong-enough brand logo on its cups. Like it or not, the sales numbers and demographics support these generalizations. Everyone wants luxury these days.

  13. To call Starbucks coffee “swill” is absurd. You may not like it, you may think it over-roasted, but it is certainly not swill.
    I do agree with you on one point, Acme. You have enough trouble with English as it is…..

  14. Consumer Reports, that middle-class anti-advertising publication, concluded McDonald’s premium coffee to be best. Judging by the number of Land Rovers and Range Rovers around the area (ranked dead-last by JD Powers reliability surveys), not too many CR readers here.

  15. I had a Jamaican Creme coffee from Beans this past Saturday. It totally kicked ass over anything I’ve ever had @ Starbucks.
    Beans is a real coffee store with real people and it smells incredible. Starbucks can go penetrate itself. I sticking with Beans!

  16. I do agree that McDonald’s is among the best around. I realized that ever since I slaved there over a hot grill during my high school days way WAY back when. The nutty aroma of their coffee was one of the few pleasant odors I fondly recall from working there.
    I do think that Starbucks is over-rated, although I’m glad we’re getting into peppermint hot chocolate season again (not that I couldn’t easily do that at home). And I refuse to order using their silly lingo.
    I’d go with Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks any day. I wish we had Wawa’s up here, because their coffee also rocks.
    For that matter, I wish we had a Caribou Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Seattle’s Best, or Coffee People around here (oh, how I love the Pacific Northwest!).
    A la Madeleine would be a nice addition to Baristaville as well.
    Yes, I’ve been around, and I’ve drank the coffee to prove it.

  17. You haven’t tasted good local coffee until you go to QuikChek on Valley Road, and it’s only $1.17 per cup.
    I regularly went to Starbuck’s previously, but I’d rather have the extra $500/year in my pocket, and better coffee as well.

  18. Yeah, you know, Quick Check ain’t bad either.
    I actually usually do 7-11 every morning since it’s just up the road from my house, but sadly 7-11 has yet to adopt the 20-minute freshness guarantee that Wawa and QuickCheck have. 7-11 coffee is pretty good when it’s fresh, but it’s horrible when it’s stale.

  19. Good coffee but its not really a cafe. You can’t just hang out there and drink coffee…. at least that’s the feeling I get.
    Bluestone rocks.
    I get the sense there is a strong desire for a good cafe in this area. You can’t find a seat at the Barnes and Nobles cafe at the Clifton Commons.

  20. Ms.GR Barista,
    Is Starbuck’s still coming to GR? Can you check with your sources and let us know?…..PAZ in GRrrrrrtown

  21. Mikey, I actually get the strong sense that you can always find a seat at any area coffee purveyor, even the B&N at Clifton Commons. As others move rather quickly away as you fix them with your “stare down the unfeeling populace”-type gaze and unshaven visage, that is.

  22. WaWa by far beats out any convenience store coffee available in this area. But over priced and hyped or not, don’t mess with my Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes…

  23. I like the terrific coffe that I brew at home, the best! LavaZZa Cafe` Expresso (in the black can) at Pathmark, Shop Rite, Stop & Shop or Kings. NOT at A&P.
    Sometimes hard to find as it seemingly “flys” off the shelves.

  24. I think Dunkin’ Donuts tastes like hot water with a brown crayon dipped in it. Maybe Starbucks has spoiled me to other, weaker coffees. And I’ve never had a burnt cup there. Maybe the perception of “burnt” is from DD fans who clearly have never tasted REAL coffee.

  25. Young barista to other young barista @ Fine Grind in Little Falls: “…I know what you mean-this woman came in here and went all Starbucks on me, with the triple this, the splash of that, all in Starbuck Speak.”

  26. jrippity, Kay, MellonBrush…hilarious!!! The problem is most likely that Starbucks (and NY Sports Club) are the only type places that can afford the ridiculous rent Siena is asking. It’s possible to exclude certain places like this through zoning, if the town wishes, to encourage more ‘mom & pop’ places – if the community desires. More annoying is the fact that profits, taxes etc from places like Beans, Eclectic, stay here…Sbux takes it to Seattle.

  27. ChristieCC
    A good portion of the commercial space in the Siena already has tenants, which include a Spa, Starbucks, NYSC and Cosi. The latter 3 are strong anchor tenants, the remaining vacancies should fill easily.
    As for profits and taxes. Starbucks pays rent and they also will be paying taxes in NJ. Whatever anyone does with their profits is their business, that doesn’t do a whole lot for the local community anyhow. This isn’t the midwest we’re living in.
    I’m guessing the Starbucks next to the WholeFoods will close down.

  28. I have been to Beans and have had some pretty good experiences, but as I have posted in the past, there is nothing like The Fine Grind in Little Falls, in a league of their own. The problem I have with places like Beans is that they have so many different varieties of coffees that it is impossible for it all to be fresh. Also, it’s not the place for sitting, relaxing, meeting new friends, etc. The Fine Grind never ceases to amaze me with their level of customer service. It’s one of the reasons they are getting so much attention lately, finally…

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