This being Halloween week, you might want to brush up on your magic spells at a workshop on the foundations of magic on Tuesday night. But be warned: This doesn’t sound like any sort of Harry Potter-themed evening of fantasy, and it’s definitely not for the kids.
Check out the calendar listing, then tell us: What’s your thought on studying magic right here in sunny Baristaville? Does it seem real or ridiculous? Cool or creepy? Sexy or scandalous?

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  1. I can’t even begin to imagine what a fruitcake this magic guy is. And I haven’t a clue as to what the hell he’s getting at, and I know a number of people who have been performing magicians for decades.

  2. He means, I think, “magick” akin to what Aleister Crowley practiced. Or the magicians of the Order of the Golden Dawn (including Yeats and other literary notables). And, before he developed his Scientology gig, even L. Ron Hubbard.
    But he also signs off with “Blessed be,” which usually indicates a Wiccan (they always pop up round this time of the year to mistakenly assure that theirs is the true “old religion”).

  3. Yeah, apparently so. I can hardly imagine my excitement in carrying home my own personal “carved candle that will make your dreams come true.”
    This ten session course of study and practice is available as a series or a la carte. It consists of both lecture and ‘hands on’ training where individual attention is given to all who attend as a group. His approach is that transformative ritual has always been a direct reflection of the immediate culture, and the curriculum continues to evolve to reflect the current trends in our society.
    He is the former owner ‘The Zodiac Lounge’, and continues to read tarot and advise his clients on traditional methods of ritual and transformation.
    LESSON 1 – September 18th
    Elemental Balancing
    An in-depth study of the innate energies contained within Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Learn to polarize your own energy within the elements so you may use this power to realize your goals and create desired change in your life.
    LESSON 2 – September 25th
    Creative Visualization
    ?As you see your world, so shall it become?
    Several effective techniques of creative visualization are discussed and practiced, along with tried and true methods to help you revise and revision your future.
    LESSON 3 – October 2nd
    Tarot and More
    Need an Ace up your sleeve? Learn to read the Tarot. A ?hands-on? workshop where the history of this fascinating divination system is discussed along with detailed instructions on how to interpret the numerology and symbolism contained within the cards.
    LESSON 4 – October 9th
    Candle Magic
    ?Entrer Dans La Lumiere?
    Enter into the light with this popular hands-on workshop. The history of candle and lamp burning for transformational purposes is discussed. Leave with a carved candle that will make your dreams come true.
    LESSON 5 – October 16th
    Amulets, Talismans and Charms
    A comprehensive study of everything from love charms, herbal amulets, stones, jewelry, gris-gris powders, wax images and more are discussed. Make your own charm for any purpose while leaving all the feet on your rabbit!
    LESSON 6 – October 23rd
    Magical Herbalism
    Magical herbalism at its most intense. Starting with methods of extracting essential oils from plants and flowers, learn to make incenses, oils, potions, lotions, baths, poultices, brews and powders for magical and medicinal purposes.
    LESSON 7 – October 30th
    Magic Mime, Spoken Spell
    Spells, spells and more spells. Starting with The Lords Prayer, we will discuss words of power taken from intact and properly translated documents that have survived for centuries. The history of storytelling and barding is also discussed and practiced.
    LESSON 8 – November 6th
    Songs of the Elder Gods
    The significance of rhyme, meter, music and melody in magic.
    Sacred chants from many cultures are discussed and practiced along with an emphasis on creating your own chants for your own enchantments.
    LESSON 9 – November 13th
    A Walk on the Dark Side
    Know your enemy!
    A walk on the dark side is sometimes necessary in order to defend yourself against psychic attack. Various traditional methods of defensive and protective magical rituals and objects are discussed and practiced.
    LESSON 10 – November 20th
    Altars Made Easy
    Long before they were the elaborate centerpieces of churches and temples, altars were simply power spots that provided a vortex and focal point for transformative energy. Learn the elements and details necessary to construct your own power place for any ritual.

  4. Hmmmm, Dave, with all the strikeouts you racked up and that wonderful batting average you had, I’m frankly surprised you’re not more interested in magic. If only to make you look better these days in park softball games.
    (It’s also, dave, no matter that it’s almost All Hallows Eve, a slow news day…..)
    I rparticularly recommend the class that tells how to avoid the “dark side” for you. You know, any right and left-handed pitching that can get a curveball across the plate at over 40mph.

  5. Davekingman-
    First of all, I’d like to thank you for posting the schedule for my workshop series.
    Also, your remarks have afforded me with a much needed belly laugh after an evening of presenting a meticulous and exhaustive differential between superstition and the real impact and power of the spoken and written word throughout history.
    I fully agree with your assessment that you “haven’t a clue as to what the hell I’m getting at”. so allow me to try (hopefully not in vain) to fill you in.
    The curriculum includes concepts of existential philosophy (particularly works of Kirkegaard referencing the belief in god v.s. the act and process of believing in a god), quantum physics, and an understanding of the bicameral mind.
    It encourages independent thinking and personal empowerment, and hopefully will allow some to transcend the fear-based mechanism that causes them to make disparaging remarks about both the concepts which they cannot grasp and those of us who offer these concepts as a tool for intellectual enrichment (your presumptuous reference to me being a ‘fruitcake’ without ever having met me or knowing anything about me is a perfect example of this kind of knee-jerk reaction that keeps many unenlightened).
    I’ve been successfully presenting “Foundations” since the mid 70’s, and have found that it offers a glimmer of hope to those who feel oppressed by their own reluctance to assume responsibility for what happens in their lives. I invite you to take advantage of this series the next time it is presented. It may be of some help in dismantling what seems to be a need to discredit those who can help others to think outside the box.

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