screaming-seat-lady-lo.jpgCommuters, have you seen this scary lady? Just in time for Halloween, NJT gives us a look at the three posters they’re using for their public service campaign, “We’re all in this together” – which they hope will provoke discussion about customer courtesy. Well, it definitely got Baristaville talkin’.

loud-lo.jpg yelling-dad-lo.jpg

From NJT:

“Knowing that we have an astute customer base, we needed to get people√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s attention, and these posters are a little edgy with a hint of humor,” said [NJT Board member Flora] Castillo.”

14 replies on “NJ Transit – It’s A Scream!”

  1. Oh man, these are very ugly posters, what were they thinking? Let’s hire some guy who can knock off a style but he can’t do it well? They could have hired a professional. It looks like something I did for my first silk screening project a few years ago.

  2. The posters are poorly designed. They’re dark, and that type is difficult to read, and the editorial tone is shrill – an odd choice given that their purpose is to discourage rudeness. I think NJT’s ad agency put thier C team on this project.

  3. Awesome. I haven’t seen anyone do it on NJ Transit trains yet, but the thing that drives me nuts on the subway is when people CLIP THEIR NAILS on the train.
    Clearly they need signs that say “Anything you usually do in the bathroom at home should probably not be done on the train.”

  4. The colors could be better, but otherwise I think the posters work (at least as much as things of that nature can). The tagline “We’re all in this together”, though, can easily be read more negatively than NJT intended. Or maybe it was intentional, written from the POV of the “suffering commuter”?

  5. CV: Your last line cracked me up! It’s sad that we live in world that people have to be reminded of that!

  6. ah yes CV, like the lovely woman who coated me with her blush and face powder, and sprayed me with her perfume to top it all off. If she’d only had some hairspray, I’d have been good to go.
    I’ve seen the signs and I don’t particularly like them, at least in terms of attractiveness. I’m not sure they’re motivating the actual offenders to cease the bad behavior. At least, not on the trains I’ve been on recently.

  7. CV, that’s brilliant. Heh.
    Haven’t seen the posters on the bus, or anywhere in the PABT, for that matter. Maybe they think bus commuters are a lost cause.

  8. That woman in the first poster reminds me of the school bus driver from South Park. The screechy one with the bird’s nest in her hair.

  9. Birds Nest in hair…nail clippings…hehehe!! That is too funny. I had a nail-clipper doing his thing the other day on the train. absolutely revolting. Why even seperate the bathroom from the rest of the car? ok that is a bit gross. I can’t stand it when people take more than 1 seat for their crap when clearly there is storage above, and the train is FULL and CROWDED!! Move your goddamn Sak’s bag and learn to live in society. Lets campaign NJTransit to charge those people for two seats 🙂 They should print the poster as flyer size and hand them to offenders. Seriously tho, I don’t like the woman poster. its so abrasive and not clear (its just angry)

  10. Love the posters….very contemporary design and not boring for a change…
    Sometimes I think Baristaville prefers “boring” a little too much.

  11. The composition is ugly and the colors are hideous – it’s not that we prefer boring, we prefer someone with an artistic eye creating the posters we see everyday on the train. Although, I have to admit I work from home so I won’t be bothered by them beyond this post. I mean, they should have hired someone who with talent, not their cousin who is interested in graphic design.

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