Sure, Broadway is back, but the big nailbiter is whether little girl McGreevey will get to have her birthday party this weekend (scheduled by McGreevey on a weekend he doesn”t have custody), or will her parents’ bitter (and we don’t mean Starbucks) divorce get in the way. From the Star Ledger
She says:

“This is another example of your need for control,” Matos McGreevey added in the e-mail, which is part of the court record. “Pony rides and face painting don’t make for a good parent.”

He says:

“I have seen the hurt look on Jacqueline’s face because of her selfish mother’s refusal to do what is best for her daughter,” the former governor wrote. “The defendant has indicated that she will not step foot into the home I share with Mark O’Donnell. It is clear that her anger has clouded her reason.”
McGreevey, who resigned as governor in 2004 after admitting a gay affair with an aide, said his daughter designed the invitations and her grandparents and schoolmates are scheduled to attend. To cancel the party now would be “cruel,” he contends.

UPDATE: The party is on.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

14 replies on “Can This Childhood Be Saved?”

  1. When will these people learn that fighting publicly OR privately is only going to backfire on BOTH of their relationships with their daughter? I can’t wait for her to start rebelling…

  2. To paraphrase Oppie & Anthony: Each of these instances is one more step closer to the stripper pole for that poor little girl.

  3. I REALLY feel sorry for this child. I think both parents are acting like children themselves and have illustrated extreme selfishness. How about asking what’s best for the kid?

  4. I REALLY feel sorry for this child. I think both parents are acting like children themselves and have illustrated extreme selfishness. How about asking what’s best for the kid?

  5. it’s like petroleum. it never runs out. Crazy parents = crazy kids. Gay father, crazy mother = stipper/ porn star.

  6. Sorry, but imo, gay has NOTHING to do with this. It’s just idiocy. And again, that has nothing to do with gay. There are plenty of gay parents raising well-adjusted kids. Kids need love, attention, some discipline, routine, and more love. They don’t need parents fighting over them, let alone parents whose every word is tracked by the media!

  7. Ditto. This has nothing to do with being gay. Self-centered, yes. Greedy, yes. Immature, yes. But not gay.

  8. I am sick to death of these two morons, as I am with the Strahans’ divorce. WHO CARES? Why doesn’t the Star Ledger write a piece about regular people and the way they’re abused by family court? My good friend’s ex is a textbook deadbeat dad. Yet the courts act like she’s being a pain in the arse when she pursues the back child support and pushes them to issue the arrest warrants.

  9. Why don’t these two want to move on with their lives? Doesn’t punishing your ex get old after a few weeks?

  10. Why does the Barista insist on periodically baiting us with the unseemly shenanigans of the McGreeveys? Most of us, I suspect, do not care and are tired of hearing of their dysfunctional selves. How does their hatred for each other, and resulting effect on their progeny, have anything to do with Baristaville?
    As cather might ask, is it really that much of a slow news day around here?
    Sheesh. Enough already!

  11. I got my hopes up when I read “UPDATE: The party is on.”, only to have my bubble burst when I read it was in reference to Jacqueline’s party, not the Baristanet Holiday Bash.

  12. Hey Taylor Ham, I never get tired of McGreevy shenanigans. In fact, I think Baristanet should start reporting on the daily mishaps of Britney Spears.

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