This tip just in – Buyer Beware!

Some of you may already be aware that gasoline in Upper Montclair costs more. What I didn’t realize until today is LukOil on corner of Broad St & Bellevue Ave (as of this morning) charges $2.91 per gallon regular gas, while LukOil on the corner of Lorraine & Valley Rd is charging $3.05 per gallon for the same gas! That’s a premium of about $2.50 – $3.00 per fill up (on a 20 gallon tank).

Apparently the (new) owner of LukOil (Lorraine & Valley) also owns Eastern Oil gas station on the corner of Orange & Bloomfield (often the cheapest gasoline in town). The reason Eastern Oil gas cost less is because they purchase gasoline from the cheapest gasoline supplier, when their tanks are empty.

Baristaville, where are you fueling up?

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  1. Does anyone know of any websites or Mac OSX widgets that can track and sort gas prices by vendor (i.e. lowest-to-highest prices for Exxon-Mobil within 10 mile radius of 07042)? I have the Gas widget but it doesn’t report on many stations and it also doesn’t sort by vendor.

  2. I just filled up this morning – $2.89 at Vallero on Bloomfield Ave in Bloomfield across from Venner Park.

  3. This may have been linked to before, but this sierra club article gives some information on the relative environmental merits of the various fuel companies. Their top choices: Sunoco and BP.
    Sunoco in Little Falls this morning: $2.95.

  4. You’re on to something there, Conan. We must be leading the world is hot air emission. If the Bali conference goes well next week, we may soon have to buy the rights to pontificate from bloggers in China.

  5. Someone sent info to the Barista AND the Watercooler?!? That never happens.
    But if it was posted there, then, by all means, let’s get it the hell off Barista. The story has cooties.

  6. Wally, State Street: it does my soul good to laugh late on the Friday afternoon of a post-holiday week fraught with literary deadlines. One more piece to edit and it’s time to muddle the limes. (Or is that Befuddle The Times?) No matter, thanks for the chuckles!

  7. I’m sure that the barista is a watercooler member.
    maybe this week it’s lift something from the Montclairtimes, NBC, Broderbund, The learning company, the Watercooler.
    Do you see a pattern?

  8. Saving $2 on a tank of gas on the way to Starbucks? This is a “life” pet peeve of mine (the “grammar” list is similar to this or or this ).
    Why some folks go crazy over gas prices (my mother), but waste much more money on other things (coffee, water, etc.) is just dumb….

  9. My father would get on the bus and ride for an hour to hand deliver a bill, rather than “waste” a stamp.
    However, in matters like “pet peeves” (an annoying term in and of itself, actually) he was fond of quoting that great Irishman Richard Brinsley Sheridan from THE RIVALS: “Where affection guides the pen, he must be a brute who finds fault with the style”.

  10. I have avoided the LukOil on the corner of Broad St & Bellevue Ave like the plague ever since they grossly overbilled me (charging me more than the advertised price for gas as well as saying I filled up at a higher tank capability than my car actually holds).

  11. You’re an editor, Conan? You poor slob. I pity you. I advise you to buy a bottle and keep it in your desk drawer.
    Imagine a world, prof, in which all humans were rational? We’re never crazier than when it comes to love or money.

  12. Among other things, I am an editor. And there is no bottle in my desk drawer. It is on top. Easier to get to, that way.

  13. The cheapest (and IMO, the BEST gas) is at the Gulf Station (Ampere Gulf) on Blmfd. Ave across the street from the entrance to Staples on Blmfd Ave. Their prices change a couple times a week, but as you drive down Blmfd. Ave, from say Whole Foods to Staples, Ampere Gulf is always the lowest priced. I go there, as I only buy premium grade, so, to me, it does make quite a difference on a 24 Gallon tank.

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