We can’t even imagine the liquor store or the Shoprite, if this is the line at Gina’s Panificio. The indefatigable Anthony Batson sent the picture and reported that there were 20 people waiting for their artisinal goodies. Any other gridlock alerts for your fellow readers?

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  1. I went to Gencarellis (sp) in Bloomfield this morning. I arrived @ 6:23 AM to a full store. My number was 77 and they were currently serving 47.
    I bailed and got my doughnuts @ Dunkin’s where I was the only customer.
    Workmates woofed them down as if they had been baked at G’s.

  2. Calandra’s on Rt. 46 was packed around 1:30 today – we were 100 people behind on the non-bread line so we skipped out and got our tiramisu somewhere else (did manage to get some delicious bread, though!) If anyone wanted to do some last minute shopping this afternoon, Fortuoff was the place to be – it was virtually empty – fantastic!! Happy Holidays to all.

  3. Do not go to the Essex Green Mall lower level!! I was at the shopping center on rte 23 north of Bloomfield Ave where there’s a Kings and a Petco and everything was very deal-able. So, fooled into a false sense of security I drove straight down Prospect, sat in ridiculous traffic at Eagle Rock and could barely get into the parking lot near Shop Rite. I wound up getting my wine at South End Liquors in Montclair where I was sure there’d be no mob or parking problems. And, the added bonus of some Australian Shiraz for $2.99! Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

  4. I was at the Shop Rite at Essex Green at 7am, and it was busier than usual for that time on a Saturday or Sunday.
    Then, I went to Willowbrook to exchange something, and it was a bit too “every man for himself” for me.
    I’m ME – The jalapeno corn muffins at Gina’s have made me drive/ride my bicycle quite far out of my way just to pick up a bag of them in all of their sweet and spicy glory. Those muffins are absolutely heavenly.

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