Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed at a rally today. A huge suicide bomb explosion killed at least 14 supporters at the rally, and some observers also report gunshots. More here.

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  1. Once again, violent extremism, fueled by one religion or another, triumphs over common sense, good will and hope.

  2. I was sickened when I heard of this earlier today. May she rest in peace, having lived her life without reserve for what she believed in.

  3. Sort of interesting how according to the NY Times, Islamo-fascism, or Muslim extremism, doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of the neo-con imagination.
    Just a horrible act in Pakistan by people who practice that very way of life. Just imagine what they’d do here.

  4. zoom — I’d be interested in hearing who from the TIMES says that muslim extremism doesn’t exist. It seems to me that extremism is alive and well in many forms, throughout the world. This event in Pakistan is a tragedy, but before anyone says just imagine what “they’d” do here, it would be wise to remember that leaders and presidents have been killed here as well.

  5. Just imagine what they’d do here.
    It’s already been done here. The twisted logic that justifies these heinous acts is not unlike that which motivates, say, the Aryans, KKK, and white supremacists in this country (out of many possible examples).
    Extremism takes many forms, but it all seems to be rooted in the same causes: bigotry, intolerance, ignorance, fear, loathing, self-righteousness, and unquestioned obedience to demagogues.

  6. Op-ed columnists, by definition, do not put forth editorial policy, but rather their own opinions. This is Krugman’s opinion, not that of the TIMES. You might try looking at Tom Friedman, another op-ed columnist, for a completely different take.
    Or you might look at today’s TIMES page 1 news analysis, not op-ed piece, to see references to the US policy which has failed to defeat “extremism” by supporting Musharef.
    Because you don’t like what you think the TIMES “stands for” does not give you liberty to ascribe to the editorial board opinions which they have not espoused.

  7. Perhaps the Archduke Ferdinand of our time?
    I think this doubles the chances of a New York City nuke in the next ten years…

  8. Again, you are making a leap which points out your own simplicity. How do you know that Klugman’s views are supported by the TIMES? Are you aware that the TIMES employs conservative op-ed columnists as well? Does this mean that their viewpoints are also supported by the TIMES?
    Making a ridiculous statement like the one above makes it quite clear that, when the facts don’t support you, you go ahead and make it up.

  9. “Jack Krugman, NY Times, 10/29/07”
    What does Tony Randel think?
    “just imagine what “they’d” do here, ”
    Remember the World Teade Center (twice)? Not to mention the bombings in London and Madrid.
    This is scary stuff. There is a great deal of sympathy (including in the Pakastan gov’t) for the Talaban and Al Qaeda. If a civil war erupts, there is no telling who will come out on top. Remeber, Pakastan has the bomb. We should do what we can to see that the anti-terror folks win, but I’m not quite sure how to do that.

  10. Interestingly, the NY TIMES announced today that they’ve hired William Kristol, a leading conservative and the former chief of staff for Dan Quayle while he was the vice-president, to be an op-ed columnist. Presumably, zoom will now argue that the TIMES supports any position that Kristol takes. Or maybe his word will not be as “golden” as Krugman’s is?

  11. She was as corrupt as the current administration, and was being investigated by several European authorities (Swiss, Spanish and British) for money laundering etc.
    Not to mention, she had her own brother assasinated, while she was PM.
    I guess in moments like these, the media tends to leave the small details out.

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