Still don’t have a party to go to on New Year’s Eve? Well, there’s always First Night Montclair, this year featuring the Fab Faux and, as always, midnight fireworks. And many Baristaville restaurants will also be celebrating.
Richie Cecere’s serves up its 18-piece orchestra with showgirls (pictured), comedy by Muzzy and London Lee and a pasta dinner with champagne for $175 per person. Drinks are extra. $25 deposit required. 973.746.7811.
Over in Bloomfield, Senorita’s is celebrating with a masquerade party, dancing, open bar and Latin food, $80 per person. 973.743.0099. Masks are included.
Celebrating its location in the midst of all the First Night fun, Church Street Kitchen offers up a Gala Tasting Menu during the evening and a Midnight Brunch. 973.233.0216.

champagne2.jpgDiva Lounge entertains you this New Year’s with DJ Naim and Bobby Trends from the popular radio station “Hot 97.” $40 for cash-bar access, $100 for VIP passes and open bar. 973.509.3000.

is featuring Gala Enrico Granafei and the Ted Curson Quintet for a swinging dinner party that goes from 9 pm to 1 am. 973.744.2600.
And among the restaurants open, but not featuring any entertainment: Blu, Charlie Brown’s, Egan’s, Epernay and Fascino. See our Food Page for listings.
The Petite Cafe in Nutley has a special New Year’s Eve menu and follows up with a traditional New Year’s Day brunch from 9 to 2.
Know of any other cool New Year’s Eve goings on? Leave it in the comments.

5 replies on “Get Your New Year’s On”

  1. I’ll be wrapped in my comforter, in my rocking chair, in front of the TV watching the young ones acting young in Times Square, and sipping on a glass of warm tea, with my wife, sipping on a glass of skim milk. Then we will take our pills and go to bed.
    I hope it’s not too exciting for us.
    Seriously, we do stay home, but we drink Hennesey Cognac !
    2008 should be great!

  2. Don’t know; maybe spend it with a friend, maybe not. I will not do first night this year; not interested in the scheduled array of events.

  3. Completely agree with surprise, and as I posted on another thread about New Year’s we didn’t think the First Night program looks interesting at all. I understand that FN started so there would be something available for families but let’s be real–everyone in the area doesn’t have kids and if you want us to participate, you should offer some alternatives!

  4. Stopped going out years ago. Much better to have lobster or steak, with all the trimmings at home. No worries, great food and drink, and a quick walk to the bed room (click,click, know what I mean?)

  5. Yes, I’m ME; you are so right! I went last year and was so miserable; ended up squashed in the Y watching a flamenco dancer that I could not see since I am short. No one would move.
    The year Richie Havens performed was good; he was the reason.

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