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It’s the day before Christmas, and that means…

Desperation shopping!

Desperation cooking!

Desperation wrapping!

Going to the movies.

Going to the gym.

I’m at work, dammit. My boss is Ebenezer Scrooge.

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9 replies on “Twas The Day Before Christmas…”

  1. .. first one in the cardio room at the Y this morning..
    .. just finished my fourth doughnut … mmmmnnn good..

  2. I am semi working from home today – I took the day off but I work for an Isralie company so they are open today/tomorrow.
    Done with everything – a friend is taking my daughter for an hour or two so I can wrap her presents and then I’m done – it’s actually very relaxing this year.
    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!!

  3. Did the Y cardio and walked a lot. Cleaning up; not a celebrant of Christmas. Getting together with a friend for Chinese food and a movie tomorrow…you guessed it, I’m Jewish-Buddhist.

  4. Yes, it’s the annual Jewish chinese delivery night! All of us Jewish folk are chowing down on Vegi Chow Mein and eggdrop soup. Singles are at the annual Christmas Eve Jewish Singles Dances throughout the state.
    Pass the hot sauce, please…

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