If you’re a fan of sneak peeks, head over to Westminster Arts Center this weekend: Bloomfield’s 4th Wall Theatre is mounting a work-in-progress production of a new musical, titled “Heaven Knows.”
The show (written by Charles Bloom, son of the late screenwriter Harold Bloom and the late actress Carolyn Kearney) is running for three nights only (tonight, Friday and Saturday), as part of the Musicals-in-Development Stage Series. “Heaven Knows,” a musical comedy with a spiritual bent, beat out more than two dozen submissions for this slot.

Don’t expect a huge focus on design in this early incarnation of the show. The production is deliberately bare bones, with minimal sets, costumes and light cues. But there’s a payoff for theatre-lovers: Bloom, along with his cast and creative team, will discuss the show and its development with the audience during feedback sessions after each show.
Trivia alert: As a child actor, Bloom appeared on such favorites as “Eight is Enough,” “Little House on the Prairie” and “Mork & Mindy.”