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Senate President Richard Codey is expected to endorse Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to sources close to Codey, who had served as New Jersey Chairman of John Edwards’ campaign.
Edwards announced today that he would be abandoning his run for the presidency.
Mark Alexander, state director of the Obama Campaign, said he did not know about any decision by Codey to back Obama.
“Of course, we would be very happy to have him,” said Alexander.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

12 replies on “Codey and Obama, Perfect Together”

  1. Codey’s endorsement is just the latest evidence of a shift taking place in NJ and elsewhere. An Obama victory Tuesday in the Garden State is quite possible. And he’ll take Baristaville in a romp…

  2. Very interesting for Democrat Politics in New Jersey with Governor Corzine backing Hillary, indicating he wants to be part of her administration and Codey backing Obama.

  3. Yeah, not so sure getting the endorsement from someone whose popularity is rapidly decreasing is such a boon for Clinton.

  4. All of which goes to show that the presidential election is just a hyped-up high school popularity contest for most.
    You don’t like Jon Corzine for whatever reason, so you view his endorsement as a liability. But Dick Codey, well, he’s a likable guy. He didn’t rock the boat when he was acting governor, advocated better treatment of mental illness, and a lot of people liked how he threatened to punch Craig Carton for mocking his wife. So, any friend of Dick’s is a friend of yours!
    Me, I’d give more weight to a Corzine endorsement, not that I place much weight on endorsements generally. Unlike most of the governors and acting governors of the past 30 or so years, Jon Corzine has had the political fortitude to actually confront the tax, borrow, and spending beast known as New Jersey state government. Granted, there is much room for disagreement in his proposals, but Corzine seems to be confronting our state’s very grave fiscal problems much more directly than any recent governor has. I give him credit for trying to fix the problem instead of just paying it lip service.
    Dick Codey has been in the state legislature for the past 30 years, and apart from climbing to the top of the old boy, buck-passing, patronage-feeding, power broker network, what has he to show for it? Dick may be a nice guy, but the fact is he has been part and parcel of the entrenched Trenton establishment that got us into this mess. He’s just a player in the go-along, get-along game and has thus enabled the financial dysfunction that drains us of so many tax dollars.
    I’m not sure which is more ironic, that a career political hack like Codey would endorse the fresh-faced, change-agent, Washington-outsider that Obama is to many people, or that people would actually consider an endorsement of Obama by a career political hack like Codey to be a good thing!

  5. Throwing money at problems doesn’t fix problems, that’s been the big problem with New Jersey Government since many communities went away from simple government. Runaway trains in all directions. Which one will you chase?

  6. Throwing money at problems doesn’t fix problems
    When one of your problems is that you’re in debt billions of dollars, then throwing money at it is the only thing that will fix it.

  7. “When one of your problems is that you’re in debt billions of dollars, then throwing money at it is the only thing that will fix it.”
    Yes taxes are the only solution. Just as when overspending in your personal life the only solution is get more money. There is simply no other way to solve the problem. If you’re spending WAY more that you earn and you eat out every night and you have 3 car payments and maxed out credit cards the ONLY solution is to get another job.

  8. I didn’t say the solution was to GET more money. But if you owe billions, the only solution to NOT owing billions is to pay it.

  9. Can’t the Dem’s sue, or bring in the AG to get the 6 BILLION we pumped into the Schools Construction Corp? Where are those thieves. So no less than we spent more than we had, we didn’t even actually get what we paid for! Get THAT money back, put people in the clink for it, then I’ll think about supporting the Toll thing.
    Hey…Orange County, CA went Bankrupt…and…so what? They’re still there, and their real estate still has value.
    NJ should simply go…Belly Up…
    p.s. How’s the State investment in Citi looking? We’ve got 14 million shares.
    So maybe we are actually worse than we’ve been told.

  10. The Governor’s plan is to creat more debt by building malls on highways. It’s two folded, originally the plan was to raise tolls to pay for the debt, then it was raise polls to pay part of the debt and create further expenses by building malls. Why can’t we just pay down the debt, why do we have to spend more to get further in debt?

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