Word is out on John Edwards’ bow-out of the democratic presidential primary race. There’ll be a press conference at 1pm today.

7 replies on “John Edwards Dropping Out”

  1. Now he can return to his simple, low-key life of fighting for the people from within the walls of his 30,000 square foot house.

  2. I wish him and his family all the best. His wife has more heart and guts than most of the candidates. God love her and them.

  3. Shamefully and shamelessly, he attempted to cast his campaign as somewhat of a matter of class warfare. (Perhaps because any stray Kennedys who usually talk this way were too in their cups at the time.) He offered nothing else, certainly nothing approaching leadership. (Would you trust even a platoon to him, let alone the role of Commander-in-Chief? For that matter, can anyone see Hillary in that position?) He will not be missed, save by those who found him physically cute. And such cuteness is merely icky.

  4. now he can spend quality time with his wonderful wife who is fighting a terminal illness…man, is he an empty suit.

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