Like a monarch butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the former non-descript sushi-spot, Michi, has morphed into an elegant dining establishment, Kira Kira. Yet another newcomer to Bloomfield’s restaurant row, Kira Kira offers Japanese specialties. Sushi lovers will be dazzled by the chef’s creations which imitate art.
The presentation of inventive and delicious dishes make them almost too beautiful to eat. We tried the three-course lunch special including miso soup, seaweed and sesame salad, with eel, spicy tuna, yellow tail rolls and tea, for $9.99. Smaller appetites may enjoy the two-roll lunch special for only $7.50, or their vegetarian counterpart, $7.99 and $5.99.
IMG_9986.jpgWe also went a la carte – the Garden Rolls were as spectacular to look at as they were to eat – spicy tuna, mango, avocado, crunchy asparagus, cucumber, radish and tobiko wrapped up like 6 little nori-covered flower pots ($9.99). Equally impressive eye candy, you’ll want to try the Symphony special – a gorgeous timbale layered with lobster salad, spicy tuna, and avocado, capped with a trio of caviar ($10.95), plated on a trio of tasty sauces. The bento box lunch ($7.99 – $12.99) at the next table was also getting raves.
At “Kira Kira,” (which translates Twinkle, Twinkle), the decor is refined and soothing. Sit at the front dining area bedecked with shiny silk cushions and traditional murals, at the sushi bar, or head past the zen fountain into a warm, persimmon colored dining room. Open for lunch and dinner, closed Monday. BYO – beer and sake is easy to pick up at the neighborhood grog shop. 390 Broad Street, Bloomfield. 973 748-0077. — Annette Batson

5 replies on “Sushi The Beautiful, At Kira Kira”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there recently but I honestly don’t think that they changed the decor since it was Michi. Never had a problem with the original decor either. Good luck to them.

  2. Got take out tonight. Nice presentation and very fresh sushi. Beef negimaki had a nice spicy kick to it and the yellow dragon roll was delish! very nicely done interior, a step up from michi. Will return again

  3. Wow, I was there last week, and their sushi is so good.Best in north jersey for sure. Great presentation and awesome decor. Definitely a step up from Michi’s.

  4. Stopped in for take out last night and it was great. Everything was fresh, despite the last minute drop in my order was ready in minutes and the upgraded decor was nice and relaxing.

  5. two thumbs up!!
    The food was great. Specially, all fishes are fresh and tasty.
    The best part of this restaurant is the price. Less money you spend and you can get a maxium satisfaction.
    I love this restaurant!!

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