After making lots of headlines for other papers, funding is temporarily restored to MSU’s Montclarion. From the AP

After more than five hours of deliberation, the Student Government Association legislature voted 12-0, with seven abstentions, to restore funding for printing and office supplies to The Montclarion for 30 days, during which time student government and newspaper leaders are expected to try to resolve their differences.
“What’s most important is that Montclair State University will have a newspaper tomorrow,” said Karl de Vries, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

14 replies on “There Will Be Newsprint”

  1. “What’s most important is that Montclair State University will have a newspaper tomorrow”
    Sounds like Generalissimo Chicken has cowed the press…

  2. “temporary”, “30 days”, “printing” and “office supplies” only. They didn’t get their lawyer and the meetings are still closed.
    It’s not resolution or progress it’s a return to the “status quo” and now the issue fades.
    The editor should have demanded independence. “We’re not interested in returning to print as a GSA mouthpiece, we’d rather have no press than one that isn’t free.”
    Chicken won.

  3. Chicken handed them a great gift when he closed the paper. The paper suddenly had a HUGH advantage. They’ve handed it back for nothing in return.

  4. It depends on what the Montclairion editors do now. If they resume their attack on closed-door meetings etc, the issue that got them in trouble in the first place, and continued to demand control over their own subject matter, they could still win. The editors would have been foolish had they refused to recommence publishing.

  5. “printing” and “office supplies” – that’s pretty much all they need. The staffers don’t get paid.
    As for it being temporary, yes. But college officials, who have said they do not like the fact that the SGA shut down the paper, are going to mediate the feud. I expect any decision after 30 days will come down in the newspaper’s favor.
    Remember, when Chicken went into this, he wanted the budget frozen. As of now, it’s not. That’s a win for the paper.
    They couldn’t fight for the budget to be unfrozen, the lawyer, AND the closed meetings all last night. That’s an impossible battle. The paper wants to resume printing and now they can. The other battles will still come.

  6. “The editors would have been foolish had they refused to recommence publishing.”
    Why? They’re not making a living doing this are they?
    The GSA will (after 30 days) say “no”.
    What then?
    No one outside will care anymore. I am sure he won’t close them again. (he won’t make the same mistake twice)
    They have no leverage now and there will be little outside pressure to open the meetings.

  7. p.s.
    It’s negotiation 101, when you’re ahead never negotiate youself back to square one without getting something.

  8. Bravo, ROC, you’re a better negotiator than a bunch of college students. Your mom must be so proud!

  9. I just want to see the kids demand a free press and not be cowed by authority.
    (why are you taking such offense?)
    (she is, by the way)

  10. They can’t very well refuse to put out the newspaper, ROC. That’s not a very good negotiating stance to be in. Whereas now, knowing that the paper probably won’t be closed down, they’re in a much stronger position. They can at least keep publishing what they want, and keep the pressure on.

  11. yes walleroo, the “pressure” of the college paper far outweighs the notice of the national media.
    I am sure the administration of the university was not in any rush to remove MSU from the glare of big media.

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