Remember when folks were talking about possible weekend train service from Baristaville possible by year’s end? That ain’t happening. From the Star Ledger

Amtrak has informed the agency that its tunnel upgrade under the Hudson River has been extended into next year, with “no end date,” said NJ Transit spokeswoman Penny Bassett-Hackett.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

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  1. with “no end date” sound like our Government and Amtrak, sure enough.
    Probably “no cost limit” too.
    I can’t wait for them to be running my healthcare!

  2. With no weekend service in sight, perhaps it is about time us riders on the Montclair line begin demanding that our monthly passes be pro-rated. We’re paying the same as everyone else in the state, but we only get 5/7th the amount of service.

  3. There used to be a sign near Fanueil Hall in Boston that directed people to:
    NO END
    Of course, they meant the North End, but I wonder what tourists thought of that one.
    And you are right on, ROC — Amtrak can waste more money for fewer deliverables than the entire Homeland Security/FEMA mishegas.

  4. ROC said, “I can’t wait for them to be running my healthcare.” As long as you continue to hijack threads with a statement like that, I will counter with the fact that the government has been providing healthcare coverage for members of Congress for a long time. Do they appear to be unhappy?

  5. They run a nice, efficient, clean and well operated train for members of Congress beneath the capitol too. Sadly Congress gets the nice one and we get Amtrak…

  6. Spot…speaking of hijacking a thread…HOW BOUT THEM GIANTS!
    We can fit all of the religious, political and sexual affiliations(that includes you brinew2) under the Giant’s tent of Unity. We want to promote a sense of one-ness, and Obama like hope for all of those disenfranchised sports fans who need a place of comfort.
    Excuse me while I light my candle of hope and change.

  7. Iceman, I am praying to any and all deities on the slim chance that they exist. And if the Giant’s win on Sunday, I think we all know who Baristanet’s MVP should be. Iceman! After all those years of suffering, it’s the least we can do.

  8. I’m bummed, but figured the service wasn’t going to go past MSU and into my crappy town even if it did happen, so I’m not super-bummed.

  9. I do not understand this… I see Trains running in Orange South Orange… on the Same line that runs through Newark Trains run on the Main Line all on Sats n Suns..These trains are all Midtown Direct ???? Put a couple a day at least through Montclair

  10. My brother lives right next to the train in South Orange and there are like 800 trains going through there on weekends. It’s really unbelievable.

  11. I rode the NJ Transit train from Mountain Station for several years. A train every hour or so, if I recall, even up to 1AM. But the question is does that line cross any streets like the Montclair line? I don’t remember any stops at crossings for local car traffic.

  12. Absolutely. We are sooo behind the time here (South Orange, for example, has weekend service). It’s not so much for work commuters but many of us like to visit the city on weekends without the burden of taking our cars. Also, it’s the “green” thing to do. I don’t know why this is taking so long to happen.

  13. It also works in reverse. I can’t get my friends in NYC to get on a bus to come to the suburbs. Haters. They pay for car services instead.

  14. Mojo, there are two issues here:
    1. NO weekend train service. NONE. Not to Hoboken or to Penn.
    2. Midtown Direct service allows you to get on/off one train. For people who have to then get on a subway and/or crosstown bus, service to NYC means changing trains in Newark, so it’s another step in the commute.

  15. “do most commuters need, or want weekend service?”
    ooooh yeah! I work 2 jobs in NYC, and one of them requires me working on Sat or Sun, and 1) I am tired of the 12 mile drive that takes 1 hour and 2) I already pay a monthly, so I’d rather not pony up another 20 bucks for parking on weekends.
    As for Bus service on weekends… if I’m not working, weekends are for play time in NYC, and the bus just doesn’t run late enough. 12:45? C’mon!

  16. I’m actually considering moving to Maplewood because of the lack of weekend service. I spend hours trekking back and forth every weekend to work in NYC and it’s sickening to think that I have a perfectly good train service in my town. I moved here from West Orange, because they promised service soon. So far, all I see are delays.

  17. a few notes – the midtown direct line does not mean there will be no train transfers. The Midtown direct that rides thru Brick Church as 2 transfer stations depending on the time you travel… Newark Broad and Summit.
    If you live in Chatham, New Providence, Gillette, Sterling, Murray Hill, Basking Ridge, etc. on down the line, you board the train (and yes some of these stops are crossing street level tracks) and will need to transfer at Summit and/or Newark to arrive in NY… yet it’s a Midtown Direct. What it means is that you don’t need to change platforms you can step off and turn around and step on.
    The congestion is such that there would be no way to manage the additional cars on the same track. I’ve been on the NY bound weekend train from most of the station stops noted above (while living in Blmfld), and driving and parking either near the station or at friends houses nearby. It’s usually crowded – searching for a seat. So there wouldn’t be much cooperation – I would imagine – from the other municipalities to give up some of their schedule to suit out needs, unless we were to negotiate either give to give us some cars, or give us some parking… so we can commute to their town.
    A possible use of leverage.

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