Pam Gould, a former Glen Ridger who actually wrote a dating column for Baristanet, has moved to Marin County, CA, and started her own Baristanet. More Marin is up and running (Ridgers will appreciate that her son Nicky is the blog’s food critic). Here’s the site’s mission statement…

MoreMarin is a blog; more specifically, a placeblog. We aim to bring you the more interesting, more quirky and more controversial news about Marin, the Bay Area and California. And we really want to hear what you have to say- the blog isn’t as interesting without participants. So… read, reflect- and react!

Drop in and say hi here.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

10 replies on “More Marin Has Baristanet Connection”

  1. Hey, it’s Pammmmmmmmmela! Nice to see she’s thriving. I was wondering where she went–whether she changed her life or just disappeared back into the swamp from which all Baristanet poster come. I think of Pammmela sometimes when I’m in Dunkin Donuts, whose coffee she was particularly fond of I remember.

  2. I lived in that part of the world for a while. Sooo nice. Moutain biking on Mt. Tam, weekends down at Stinson Beach and Muir woods, a short drive to the Sonoma and Napa vinyards. I can’t wait to see this blog – it will score high on the unintentional comedy scale. The average poster should make lasermike sound like Rush Limbaugh in comparison.

  3. She seemed very nice when she posted here. One of the very few of a somewhat liberal bent who nonetheless came off as sane and cautious. So I kind of think she’s perforce wasted on an area like Marin County, even as I wish her well out there.

  4. Spicoli, mikey can never, ever sound like the round mound of conservative sound with the big fat neckties. If only because the wee sma’ laserlad doesn’t have much of a vocabulary or great reserves of personal charm from which to draw.

  5. You’re so right Spicoli, it really is lovely there. My brother moved up from San Fran when he became a parent. I think the fact that he grew up near the Jersey shore made living near Stinson beach very appealing. He’s there all the time. And Mt. Tam is just beautiful.

  6. Mikeypoo as Rush Limbaugh is pretty funny, Spicoli. I think Marin natives should kiss Pammmela’s feet and thank their lucky stars they’ve got a voice of reason and sanity (rhymes with Hannity).

  7. Wow, thanks for all the comments and support, or as we?d say in Marin, I?m really synergizing your positive energy and vibes, dudes!
    -Walleroo- I no longer drink Dunkin? Donuts now that I have your old fave, Peets down the block.
    -Cathar ? thank you for your kind words. Are you feeling ok?
    -State Street- Tam is still beautiful and I can see it from my backyard.
    -Crank – We have expensive houses, trendy restaurants, yoga up the ying-yang? just like Montclair (Upper or otherwise), except lower taxes and better weather.
    And a giant thank-you to Deb, who gave me my blogging beginning on Barista with the internet dating column, (which I promptly gave up when I met the man of my dreams on!) and for all her great advice on starting a blog. Thanks for taking a look at MoreMarin!

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