…Until the real thing comes along, in this case, flowers on the branches of cherry trees, you can enjoy a lifelike simulation. The newly refurbished visitor’s center at Branchbrook Park in Belleville boasts a a cathedral ceiling, arched windows, and the wonderful faux cherry tree shown above. The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place April 15-22, and you can get more information about all the planned events here:

You can see more photos of Branchbrook Park and other signs of spring in Baristaville over at the Baristanet Flickr site:Flickr Baristanet group

6 replies on “Until The Real Thing Comes Along……”

  1. Cherry BLOSSOM Trees, Not Cherry Trees
    As a native Belleville-ite (Bellevillian, someone who grew up in Belleville), it bugs me when the cherry blossom trees are referred to as “cherry trees” because they are cherry-blossom trees, not cherry trees.
    The fruit of the cherry tree is cherry. But the fruit of a cherry blossom tree is a blossom.
    Feel free to correct anyone around you who makes this mistake.
    You might want to point out that there are two kinds of cherry blossom trees: the single blossom and the double blossom.

  2. Did you take these photos Fran? They’re beautiful! Love the vignetting and the color — especially the top one. Can’t wait to get to the actual blossoms to take some photos this year!

  3. hi there! yes, i am the photo editor for baristanet. why don’t you come out shooting with me sometime. your photos are amazing too! whenever i post on baristanet i vignette the pix as a sort of “trademark” to suggest here’s a peek inside some aspect of baristaville. and what are you shooting these days? since these two threads i posted yesterday have garnered fewer comments than any posts in the history of baristanet, you and i can have a totally private conversation right now and no one would ever see it. for example, if you want to post details of your mortgage, go ahead. it will remain top secret. don’t believe me? watch this:
    see? nothing. nada. zip.

  4. Hi Fran. Sorry I missed your immediate reply as I did have to leave the house this morning. I did not know you were the PE for Baristanet! Photo editing is one of the oh-so-many previous careers of mine! I’d love to accompany you on a day of shooting (no animals will be harmed, of course). Just let me know where and when!

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