Montclair, here’s your chance to throw back a few beers and get to know your candidates while everyone’s still smiling, instead of meeting them inside council chambers…It’s the campaign kick-off parties for two of the three slates: UnityMontclair and Partnership Montclair.
Tonight, UnityMontclair – the “community” slate headed up by cycling enthusiast Jerry Fried, and accompanied by celebrity look-alikes (we’ve heard Wolf-man Jack, Jerry Garcia, Bill Clinton) invite you to a rockin’ good time tonight, 7-11 pm at the Women’s Club, 82 Union Street. The invitation says “No Suits, No Speeches, Rock ‘n Roll” Two bands, “Rewind” and “El Kabong,” will be playing. There’s food, of course, and donations will be taken at the door. Everyone’s welcome.
This Sunday, drop in at Egan’s 2-5 pm to have a cold one with aspiring mayor, Joyce Michaelson and the crew of Partnership Montclair. We’ll bet you might want to ask them a few questions… Snacks and soft drinks are on the house.
No word back yet from Thrive Montclair if they’ve got a shindig of their own going on, but they can let us know below, in comments.
UPDATE: We heard fromThrive Montclair they’re planning a big fundraiser for Saturday April 12, at The Loft, with special guest Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League and former Mayor of New Orleans.

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  1. Several years, stacks of posts and you folks still can’t get the spelling of the name right? It’s “Egan’s,” the place that used to be on the Belleville Pike spelled it Eagan’s.

  2. Sorry, its not clear – which is the candidate buying me cold beer? That’s the one I will vote for. I’m a simple girl.

  3. sorry, according to the post, no free alcohol…just snacks and soft drinks. you want to throw a cold one back with Joyce, it’s on your dime!

  4. With whatever respect is due, I don’t think that having a former Mayor of New Orleans(any former Mayor of that city) as a guest is quite the smartest way to kick off your own mayoralty & councilmanic campaign. At least not if “good government” is to be promised.

  5. Yep- Joyce sure is a “cold one”.
    Didn’t she support the selling of the Grove St. School to Deron and now we’ll have to pay $35Million +++++ for a new one.
    Thank you Joyce. I’ve already had my “cold one” with YOU!

  6. I love this one from Joyce Michaelson’s slate. This after she walked out of a Town Council meeting while a constituent still had the floor and was making her points.
    RUDE Joyde RUDE
    and now this is part of your platform- Balderdash JOYCE – we know that you don’t care a rats ass about what the citzens think while you’re elected. You only care when you want are vote.
    Transform government/citizen interaction
    Restore civility, transparency and accountability to local government.
    Listen to diverse voices and recognize that no one has a monopoly on good ideas.
    Demonstrate collaborative and responsive governance.
    Work with the Township Manager and staff to improve customer service, particularly among the public-facing aspects of municipal government.
    Work to improve police-community relations.
    Through surveys and other tools, hold the Township Manager accountable for measurable improvement.
    Recognize the talents of Montclair’s diverse citizenry.
    Create more opportunities for citizen involvement and volunteerism in Township issues.

  7. My platform, which is mine, is this: If elected, I will personally have a cold brewsky with each and every one of my supporters. I’ll even pay the bar tab!

  8. Would that include a round for the laserlunkhead, walleroo?
    It won’t include me now. If you’re dopey enough to call beer “brewsky” (much too mock Greenwich for me), I withdraw my support.

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