Okay, Baristaville. How low can you go? With your camera, that is. We want to see tiny Baristaville–the smallest and sometimes overlooked parts of Baristaville, up close and personal. Like the tiny little berry, above.

Or like this enchanting blue chinodoxia:
Oh,did we forget to tell you? Sunday is photo day at Baristanet. Send yours to: Flickr Baristanet group
and don’t forget to tag them as Baristanet close ups so they’ll be part of the set.

One reply on “We’re Ready For Your Close-Ups, Baristaville.”

  1. Wow, you guys don’t waste any time. Jill Seigel, Key Kai Da, and other Baristanet Flickr posters have already started posting some beautiful close- up images of spring in Baristaville. Thinking in particular of Jill’s photo of a mourning dove with it’s head tucked under its wing and Key Kai Da’s beauiful close up of the beard on a bearded iris. Sound intriguing? It is. We may have to post a slide show later this week.

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