File under “What Was He Thinking?” 20-year-old Lawrence D. Murphy from Montclair took desperate measures to score some weed last weekend in State College, PA, resulting in a beating and his arrest.
According to the Centre Daily Times, a masked and crow bar-wielding Murphy paid a surprise early morning visit to a drug-dealer’s den intending to steal a two-and-a half pound stash. ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt make me kill you,‚Äù Murphy allegedly told the three men in the apartment. Fighting to defending their turf, the three pulled out the golf clubs, giving the intruder a beating. Police arrived finding a bloody mess. All four men were arrested and jailed in lieu of bail.

17 replies on “Montclair Man Blows Attempted Dope Heist”

  1. I also read that a Bloomfield man got a flat tire on I-80 in Ohio….
    And a woman from Glen Ridge spilled a triple tall skim decaf vanilla latte from a Starbucks in Queens. (She ordered another.)

  2. Moral of the Story: don’t try to steal dope from Penn State linebackers or members of the golf team. FORE!

  3. The gal sitting next to me on the NYWaterway Ferry from Pier 11 to Hoboken was reading Debbie’s new book, “Fear and Yoga in NJ”.

  4. .. I was reading over her shoulder about the Jehovah’s Witnessess .. I’ll have to get a copy, it was very good.

  5. MB – not that I want to discourage you from buying your own copy but I just finished mine and would be willing to share it with you – I can leave it in your mailbox or with our mutual dog friend.
    Deb – I really enjoyed this book – I felt it was crisper than Rattled and read very well. Am looking forward to your next book.

  6. Anne,
    Too late. I just ordered it from Amazon along with ‘Drastic Fantastic’ by KT Tunstall.
    Thanks for the offer though!

  7. LOL – I knew you would comment on that – I was merely fostering community relations by sharing my bounty. And I was saving a tree to boot!
    BTW…the JW part was funny – my husband has a tendancy to engage them in debates all the time til they are begging him to let them go.

  8. …police also reported that attempted burglar received multiple contusions after being repeatedly beaten with a large wheel of soft-ripened Brie, and was scalded with steamed cappuccino milk.

  9. went to high school around the same time as him. calling him a man in the headline is flattering to him

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