You’ve been warned to buckle up…now MPD advises us to go easy on the margaritas…

With the summer season upon us, the Montclair Police Department will be cracking down on drivers who choose to drink and drive. This is a time to safely enjoy with family and friends. We believe the key to deterring impaired driving is through highly visible enforcement. We wish to keep our motorists safe from the few who make the decision to drink and drive.
Prevention is the main goal of our summer campaign. Drivers must believe that the risk of being caught is too high before their behavior will change.
The Drunk Driving, “Over the Limit – Under Arrest.” message is being put out there to convince potential drivers that the chance of being caught is too high to risk. The message works and has already influenced thousands of citizens not to drink and drive nationwide.
During the upcoming summer months, the Montclair Police Department will be increasing awareness to motorists. There will be roving patrols and stationary roadside checks, in an effort to keep our residents safe.
Have a happy and safe summer,
Sgt. Dan Pronti
Montclair Police Dept.
Traffic Bureau
(973) 509-4718

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  1. Drinking and driving? Public transit is a better choice here.
    You can boost your alcohol blood level and reduce your carbon footprint in one fell swoop.

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