Bloomfield police won’t say anything about a carjacking that happened in Bloomfield yesterday afternoon, except for the fact that they’ve spent all morning investigating it.
Soprano Sue, who heard the carjacking unfold live on the police scanner yesterday, reported that it happened on the Bloomfield-Newark border, involved a green four-door Toyota Corolla and that both a gun and knife were shown.

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  1. Are the Baristas going to cover the race for Freeholder? In this area it’s the double dipping Caputo vs Russo, the former Mayor of Montclair.
    The Primary is on June 3rd and there’s been nothing here!
    Caputo promised not to run again for Freeholder if he won the assembly office. We took him at his word and he won. Now, he’s proven himself a liar and is running for Freeholder again.
    We get to pay for 2 pensions!

    That well-know liar, Assemblyman J. (Double-Dipper) Caputo, was being sought (perhaps only for input) after Bloomfield Police refused to comment about a carjacking that unfolded live on the Police Scanner, according to Soprano Sue. As reported on Baristanet, it involved a green four door Toyota Corolla and a gun and knife show.

  3. I think it might be time for the Barsista folks to create a new ‘open thread’ each morning for those topics which do not dovetail nicely into existing threads.

  4. I don’t understand the placement of Montclair Mommy’s posts. They pop up in the most seemingly irrelevant of places.

  5. That’s because she is spamming the rest of us and the Baristas because they aren’t covering her topics. Annoying isn’t it?

  6. Well, yes, MellonBrush, I agree with you, but unlike Montclair Mommy, when I have something that I’d sort of like to rant about but there’s no open thread at that time, I, in the words of Archie Bunker, stifle it. She still goes off half-cocked

  7. She couldn’t possible send the Baristas an e-mail. That would make too much sense. Just keep posting on non related topics so we can all suffer along.

  8. One more reason to abolish our county government system: we’ll no longer be subjected to inane posts about county elections.

  9. Such dedication: yesterday, a national holiday, 84 degrees and Soprano Sue has an ear to a police scanner listening “live” to a carjacking.

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