A round-up of the usual suspects took 20 street thugs off Essex County streets today. Members and associates of various street gangs were arrested in early morning raids in Newark, Irvington, East Orange and Orange. In addition, 35 gang-related fugitives are already in custody as part of Operation Spruce Up, Essex County Prosecutor Paula T. Dow announced.
The 55 violent offenders were wanted on warrants for skipping bails on charges ranging from aggravated assaults, shootings, robberies and narcotics. The fugitive roundup was part of a six-week collaborative investigative effort of many state, county and local law enforcement agencies.

2 replies on “Law Enforcement Officials Go Gang-Busters”

  1. The usual suspects indeed — sounds like these 20 or 55 or 75 usual suspects get rounded up over and over.
    Could you report back to us in 30 days how many of them are still in custody?

  2. Conduct a genuine trial, then throw them in jail if guilty. But first, force them to restore whatever private or public property they drew all over.

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