The New Jersey Education Department must be a little bit worried about run-away spending in the state’s school districts, or getting tarred and feathered by angry taxpayers. They’re drafting new rules for the schools. From

New Jersey’s Education Department wants to make sure taxpayers are not paying for teachers to stay in hotels in the state or printing literature that may look like it’s promoting school board candidates.
Those areas are addressed in the department’s proposed rules for school district accountability.
Other proposals include barring districts from hiring relatives of school board members. Districts would be prohibited from giving payouts to superintendents who leave before their contracts are up.

The rules come in response to laws requiring more transparency and accountability in the state’s school districts, which are sometimes accused of wasteful spending.
State Education Commissioner Lucille Davy said she hopes to have all the proposed rules in effect by September.

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

14 replies on “NJ Ed To School Boards: Waste, Corruption Verboten!”

  1. Yeah,
    How about moving a playing field 17 feet to the tune of $750,000.
    It’s not the teachers that are the problem it’s the BOE.

  2. I have an idea that would greatly increase my satisfaction: eliminate walleroo

  3. Oooh, Mommy, we love it when you talk tough…
    But, Baristas: an article that addresses the subject of municipal school systems illustrated by a graphic depicting the Ten Commandments? Oy! What ever happened to that judge in Alabama that had to have the boulder engraved with “10 Things That Can Help You Live A Better Life” (as it would be titled today) removed from in front of his courthouse?

  4. Speaking of tarring and feathering, I suggest that Bloomfield taypayers attend the next meeting of the Bloomfield Township Council to do that (figuratively, of course) to our mayor and council if they insist on pushing through their proposed 11.1% increase in the township budget!

  5. Pork Roll, and I wonder what cuts they’ll recommend to the BOE budget?
    Speaking of the BOE budget, shoulda woulda coulda… the state dept of education should also take a look at outgoing board of eductation enacting an 11th hour approval of the super’s contract – literally the last vote by four out-going members of the board of education. We now have one person on the BOE (Salgado) who voted with the majority of 5 to rescind/renew the superintendent’s contract with a 6.9% salary increase with 4.0% increases guaranteed over the subsequent three years.

  6. Montclair Nommy, smile when you say something, anything about walleroo. (And bow your head in reverence, too.) You’re not fit to share his pouch lint.
    I think, Conan, it’s sort of a case of “Bring Me The Head of Walleroo Garcia”…..

  7. What? The marsupial is Cuban? Well that puts a whole lot of different spin on it. I didn’t know he was a Commiesupial. Hey, Wally: no Commies allowed under Liz’s porch. Vamanos!

  8. Oh, what? That movie was shot in Mexico? Of course it was shot in Mexico; Americans can’t even visit Cuba. Not even Peckinpah.
    Sorry, been a long, long, day. Time to go home and water the camels…

  9. One indeed could make an argument that the principle of tenure is an antiquated and obsolete one.
    Generally its being justified as job security and an inherent benefit for low paying teaching positions.
    However, having recently looked at every single line item of our last BoE budget, I am less than convinced about the general viability of above justification.
    Tenure for teaching positions? Yeah.
    Tenure for administrative positions? Why?
    Did anyone here try to read the whole budget? A real good read as you can find minutely specified $300 line items, and at the same time a mysterious unexplained >$3,000,000 item in the maintenance section.

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