A tipster sends the following news item from Bloomfield Life (May 1) and writes…

It seems like there’s something wrong with a private company receiving a percentage of the profits from the violators in return for a free camera.
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s fine.
Why not put up cameras for jay-walkers and spitters?
How about loiterers?

Or excessive PDA infractions for that matter. What do you think?

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17 replies on “Traffic Cameras Coming To Catch You”

  1. Gee, wasn’t the toll violators spotted by the cameras on the GSP supposed to pay for the entire EZ-Pass system, too? That sure worked, didn’t it? The amount the state pays to lease the system and pay for the software and reporting is probably up there with the GNP of most third-world countries. Maybe even France.

  2. If tickets were written for all of those drivers breaking the law by speeding, running red lights or talking on cel phones, then the municipalities would be able to slash taxes. They’d be rolling in dough. Can we perform citizens arrests? I would love to nab those idiot drivers yapping away or zooming through a red light in a major intersection.
    Oh, and does anyone else notice those drivers that think if they hold their cel phone like a Star Trek communicator about three or four inches from their mouth then it’s A-OK? Sheesh.

  3. This company finds people breaking the law with cameras, and collects a percentage? interesting. Im going to set up free cameras outside of peoples homes and fine them for not mowing their lawn, recycling, or leaving too many lights on. It will benefit the environment, and I will send a percentage to the town. Who’s hand do I have to grease to get this done?

  4. The private company (or competing companies) that provides the system likely has multiple payment options – purchase, lease or revenue share. Installing a small system with a revenue sharing model is a good way to test the system and to get an idea of how much ticket revenue can be generated per intersection, without having to make a large capital investment up front. I would guess that a system like this has a lot of costly elements including expensive cameras, flashes, data connectivity at the intersections, lots of software [character recognition we, car make/model identification we, photo editing sw, archiving/storage sw, etc.), and installation.
    If after a period of time the PD determines that they would like to expand the program, they can make the next purchase decision based on a more accurate cost/benefit analysis using real data. Starting off with a revenue share sounds like a smart way to test the waters without spending a bunch of taxpayer money.

  5. It appears that some of these cameras were set up recently in Clifton by Broad and Allwood. Unless they’ve been there a while and it’s the first I’ve noticed them.

  6. I would like to see one of those cameras set up on Bloomfield Avenue and Valley Road. Every day I see cars stopped in the middle of the intersection when they notice the red light. They dont know that you have to stop at a stopline not a light. Those of us driving across Bloomfield Avenue then have to drive around them to get past.

  7. A private company sets up and services these cameras for a piece of the revenue. Hmmm…
    So it is their interest for as many people as possible to get tickets.
    How would the recipient of that kind of ticket appeal the accuracy of the machine?
    If we are thinking of replacing personal responsibility with anonymous, computerized law enforcement, then we are in big fucking trouble.
    (And yes, I spelled out the expletive to make a point.)

  8. I’d like to put one of these cameras in my basement to find out which cat is spraying my Fender DeVille amplifier. Thank God for the cover.
    I think it’s Tubby..

  9. Oooh, Mellon, sorry to hear about that – yuk!! at my house they’d all be in soliatary till one of them ‘fessed up.
    isn’t there some solution for that, like coyote urine or something? cayenne pepper maybe?

  10. Kay,
    We tried ‘Feliway’ with limited success. The vet said we could give Tubby a hormone shot that would basically turn him into a girl, so we’re holding out on that one.
    It seems like springtime seems to trigger a terratorial response in our cats, all former stray tom-cats.
    We keep plenty of Nature’s Miracle on hand and try not to get too crazy about it.

  11. New Jersey driver deserve automatic cameras, not only at crossings but for speeding as well.
    I sort of see these cameras as god’s answer to the NJ Left.

  12. Nature’s Miracle is a staple in our household. What in the name of all that is holy is in that stuff? Presumably, it is “natural”.
    Incidentally, it is also a great stain remover.

  13. russellk, yellow means PREPARE TO STOP not hurry up and race through. Imbeciles on the road. Ack.
    The ingredients in Nature’s Miracle: Water, Nature’s Enzymes, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Natural Citrus Scent.

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