If you go somewhere interesting and want to share it with Baristaville, do it. Steve M. went to Governors Island. Here’s what he tells us…


Governors Island is open to the public on weekends and makes for an interesting day out. Ferries are available and free and you get to wander around the ghost town that has served as a military outpost, a prison and is now the future home of an NYC public school.
A small fleet of buses (think stretch golf cart) provide tours of the island, with rundown of the key buildings and their original purpose. There’s a cute artistic mini-golf course (free) for kids and bikes to rent to see the island a little faster. Some houses are open to look around, including one decorated by some crazy artists ‚Äì in an area dotted by strange sculptures. Others buildings are awaiting repair or renovation ‚Äì like Castle Williams, which would be much more interesting if you could tour the former cells.

The island was very self sufficient at its peak, with a movie theatre, a YMCA club, two chapels, a prison, a fort with a hidden moat. It still has a ways to go if its to compete as a tourist attraction, but it certainly makes for a nice day out and doesn’t feel at all like NYC.
Although there are some concession stands around, I would recommend you bring a picnic and check the calendar for live music in the park arranged by Folks on the Island.
Some flicker pictures here

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8 replies on “Daytrippers Wanted”

  1. That all sounds pretty cool, and I haven’t tried mini-golf for years!
    Does anyone know of anywhere fun to go with a boat (maybe fishing) with a dog? From my research the two things can’t be combined….

  2. Does anyone know of anywhere fun to go with a boat (maybe fishing) with a dog?
    Not a chihuahua, I hope??

  3. The kayaks are part of the Downtown Boathouse (www.downtownboathouse.org) and the Long Island City Boathouse (www.licboathouse.org).
    The DTBH has 3 locations on the west side of Manhattan, and the LIC Boathouse is located in Long Island City, Queens. Both organizations provide free kayaking to the public.

  4. Those particular kayaks were on the island for the City of Water day.
    On any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday a visitor to the island can go on a kayak for free. The free kayaking opens at 1pm those days, and closes at 5pm on Fridays, and 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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