UPMO.jpegWe usually hear about shopkeepers of Upper Montclair lamenting the roving bands of ‘tweens hanging out on their doorsteps…but tonight all hangers are welcome. That’s right, merchants are sponsoring a free Kid’s Night Out tonight around Valley Road and Bellevue, from 5-8 pm. Free lemonade at Uptown, popcorn at J.Clores, cupcake tasting at Life Is Good, and creative makeup makeovers (face painting) at Baby Boom. For the parents, there will be after-hours shopping at participating stores, with rewards for big spenders…

22 replies on “Kids Night Out – UPMO Tonight!”

  1. Thanks for the info. I assume, therefore, that Watchung Plaza will get royally trashed – even more than it is – by kids hanging out, eating free food. Swell.

  2. You’re in the wrong part of town, trib. YOUR little piece of paradise will still be free of those rotten kids!

  3. Lemonade, popcorn and face painting? Methinks this wont see the teens out in droves. Sounds like a nice event for the kids, though. Cupcakes- YUM at any age!
    Also, it’s Bellevue and Valley, not Watchung Plaza, tribble.

  4. ****** BREAKING NEWS *******
    This just in: Kids all over Montclair enjoyed a nice Night Out this evening as storekeepers decided to embrace the youth and create a community.
    In other Montclair news, Mrs. Martta, trolled the net in search of a kitchen material, sometimes posting on Baristanet, sipping wine, glancing over at Mr. Martta and enjoying her newfound wedding bliss…….

  5. I am waiting for a Pets Night Out!
    Baths at Pup N Suds, a free toy at Petco, free drinks at American Standard…

  6. I’m confused….
    How old are the “kids” who are getting the night out?
    It story references ‘tweens, but then there’s “face painting.”
    Although since it’s written as “creative makeup makeovers (face painting)” I think oh, this is a play on ‘tweeners makeup…. But then it’s at Baby Boom, which suggests toddlers and younger…
    (The sun has me hot, bothered and confused….)

  7. My comments about Watchung Plaza stand. Teens will avoid Upper Montclair like a plague, because it is an organized event. Which isn’t “cuil”. Hence, the Plaza is next in their sites. Has everything: cheap fast chinese, junk food, pizza. soda. and a nice bus shelter to vandalize (even more). Have you ever been there at night, when there are probably 100 kids hanging out, blocking sidewalk, skateboarding in the street? please.

  8. Based on the “100 kids” comment, I’m betting that trib counted 3,000,000,000,000 at Obama’s German love-fest.

  9. I was pretty peeved at the bazillion people in front of me on line at Whole Foods yesterday.

  10. Forget that! There are more than six million stray cats in my backyard at this very instant!

  11. Tween = 9 – 12, as in between littlekidhood and teen.
    This sounds like a wonderful event for the community.

  12. And there are a googol of web surfers ready to cover this event.
    Memo to Conan: stay the [exp dele] away from your least-favorite intersection tonight.

  13. could it possibly be creative marketing by the small business owners to bring in folks to shop the later hours they are going to be staying open.
    Not to say thats not a good idea, I am all for small shops increasing business (it thier livlihood and what makes upper montclair charming) and if my kids have fun and get a cupcake to boot, all the better.

  14. “when there are probably 100 kids hanging out, blocking sidewalk, skateboarding in the street? please. ”
    Well good thing we didn’t give them a skate park to gather in!

  15. “How about kids night in… and do it every day.”
    Lasermike, just for that remark, as soon as I get done finding out where you live, I’m driving my kids over to your place tonight so they can personally paper your trees (but don’t worry, I’ll make sure they use that toilet paper from Whole Foods made with from 100% recycled materials).

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