I just came home from the city, and sailed right down Rt. 3 without a problem. But there was a sea of headlights heading eastbound. The reason comes in a tip from Crank:

Driving to the fruit/veg market just now, I noticed an unusual amount of traffic in my town for this time of evening. My town (Rutherford) is 2 miles west of Giants Stadium, where Springsteen was scheduled to hit the stage around 20 minutes ago for the final show of his 3-night stand there. Turned on the radio to see if there was any connection. The traffic report had the critical info.
There is a propane truck lying on its side on the Jersey Turnpike at northbound exit 16W. This is, of course, the default exit for Giants Stadium traffic. The exit is closed in both directions.
According to the radio, 5 miles west of here, there is an 8-mile backup northbound & a 5-mile backup southbound on the Garden State Pkway at the Rt 3 interchange. That 5-mile stretch of Rt 3 from the Parkway to the Stadium is a parking lot.
This explains all the cars in my town, obviously trying to do the last couple of miles to the Stadium on the local roads.
I have the feeling that there are going to be a lot of pissed-off people at Giants Stadium tonight, once they finally get there.

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  1. Gee, crank, I didn’t know you lived in Rutherford. Is that why you care so much for the environment?

  2. Awesome, off the charts show. I am not a fan of big mega outdoor stadium shows, but this was an incredible night. You may disagree with the man’s politics. But the one thing you can’t disparage in 100 years is his showmanship and energy. That was a Jersey night to remember.

  3. I envy you mets. I’ve been to a few Springsteen shows and was amazed by the way he could hold the audience completely spellbound with his anecdotal introductions to his songs.
    Last night had to be super special.
    I think my all time favorite song, and it’s really hard to single one out, is “Kitty’s Back”. It has a little bit of everything in it. Good Lord, I’m getting goose-bumps just thinking about it.
    I’ve been singing and playing guitar for over 40 years and I know dozens of covers, but I could never quite bring myself to do any of Bruce’s tunes – I just did not want to f’ with them.

  4. He ended with Jungleland and Rosalita. ‘Nuff said.
    I liked Bruce my whole life pretty much, but as a Jersey resident for the past 10 years I’ve really come to appreciate what he means for the state. I know the usual suspects will post about what a pompous phony, traitor to the US he is, all the usual stuff. Whatever. I think he proves that you can have all the success in the world, fulfill all your dreams beyond your wildest expectation, and not turn into a flaming ahole like so many other musicians and other celebs. He’s only gotten better with age.

  5. Back to the traffic…it was horrendous…I was parked in the middle of route 3 east bound for over an hour! I was cursing Bruce all the way to my destination! I HATE TRAFFIC – and any venue that causes it – hope this new Xanadu won’t be on muy sh*t list too.

  6. Me, I was lucky enough to go to the Monday night show, which I think had a better setlist than last night, though the opening night had even more rarities.
    Still, Saint In The City sent me home smilin’.
    There’s nothing like a Bruce show. Especially in Jersey.
    (Waller, I care about the environment because I want you & all the little roos everywhere to be able to survive & thrive under their chosen porches for generations to come.)

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